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This list contains all the little lines pronounced by Dracula in the loading screen. After defeating Satan, Dracula will stop speaking during the loading screen.

Castle SiegeEdit

  • Another futile attempt by the Brotherhood. My castle is under siege.
  • The Brotherhood's siege is in vain. I am Dracul, Prince of Darkness.
  • The Siege Titan is destroying the walls of my Castle. I will not hide behind them.
  • The mechanical Titan continues its siege, but the fate is that of the Brotherhood: destruction.
  • This Paladin thinks he is humanity's last hope, just like all those who came before him.
  • My power is absolute. Now only fools dare to challenge me.


  • Centuries later, I again walk the streets.

Bioquimek CorporationEdit

Void SwordEdit

  • I must retrieve the Void Sword.
  • Finally, the Void Sword is once again mine.
  • The Primordial Void Gem has fallen from the Blood Statue. Now I can use its freezing power.
  • Trevor must be near here.
  • Trevor is in trouble. The Castle is no place for a child.

Bioquimek Corporation IIEdit

  • Satan's acolytes must surely be behind this demon-infested corporation.
  • It's obvious that some powerful follower of Satan is hiding behind all of these demons.
  • We will soon interrogate that demon.

City of the DamnedEdit

  • I must find the Gorgons. They guard the Power of Chaos.
  • Three fearsome girls guard the Power of Chaos. I'll find them.
  • The Power of Chaos is kept in the Gorgons' Lair.
  • The Gorgons' Lair holds what I'm looking for.
  • The Gorgon has lost her Primordial Chaos Gem. Now I can use its burning power.
  • I need to return to the city. Zobek must have got something out of the scientist I captured by now.


  • I must get to the top floor of the tower. Zobek must have got something out of the scientist I captured by now.
  • The Bioquimek Corporation must have created an antidote for this demonic plague.
  • I must follow the demonic trail behind Bioquimek Corporation if I'm to find the antidote.
  • I'll find the antidote at Bioquimek Corporation, and I'll round up the acolytes.

Next Stop, CastlevaniaEdit

  • The acolytes must keep the antidote in a safe place.
  • This train will take me to where the acolytes keep the antidote.
  • Wherever this train goes, I'll find the antidote.
  • I should look for the antidote, but Zobek's Lieutenant is keeping a close watch on me.
  • Despite Zobek's Lieutenant, I'll get through Satan's army to find the antidote.


  • The lovely Carmilla is testing me again.
  • Carmilla lives in my dreams... and turns them into a nightmare.
  • I've defeated Carmilla. Marie isn't here, but she can't be far away.

Antidote & RaisaEdit

  • I must find the antidote.
  • The antidote must be near the station the train took me to.
  • I found it! It will be mine if I can get in without being seen by this Golgoth Guard.
  • The first acolyte has revealed itself to me.
  • The first of the acolytes must die, and it will be now.

Mirror of FateEdit

  • I've been taken to the Castle again. Trevor must be near.
  • I've still got business in the Castle. I must look for Trevor.
  • Who could have saved a piece of the Mirror of Fate for so long?
  • I remember the Mirror of Fate, but... what became of it? It must be somewhere in the Castle.


  • Agreus, the deranged brother of Pan, has a fragment of the Mirror of Fate.
  • Agreus thinks he's toying with me, but he's merely a nuisance in my path.
  • I must return to Trevor and give him the Mirror fragment that I took from Agreus.

Toy MakerEdit

  • Who might have the second piece of the Mirror of Fate?
  • There is a second piece of the Mirror of Fate somewhere in the Castle.
  • Maybe the Toy Maker knows something about how the Mirror of Fate was broken.
  • The Toy Maker will know something about how the Mirror of Fate was broken, if I can find him.
  • I must return to Trevor and give him the Mirror fragment that the Toy Maker gave me.
  • Now I have the second fragment of the Mirror of Fate. Trevor is expecting it.

Victor BelmontEdit

  • Zobek senses a powerful presence in the old Cathedral. I should investigate.
  • Someone is snooping around the old Cathedral where I woke up. I must discover who it is.
  • I should follow that man's trail. He's got a role to play in all of this.
  • I must find out more about this mysterious man who all the demons are after.
  • The greatest of all demons has come to kill that mysterious man. I must investigate.
  • The most powerful demons want that hooded man dead. I must discover who he is.
  • This man has taken away all my powers... and he doesn't seem to be a follower of Satan.
  • The hooded man has cancelled out my powers with his prayers.
  • He is certainly a powerful warrior of light and not a follower of Satan.
  • The warrior of light has been unmasked. He is my enemy, whether or not he worships Satan.
  • Victor Belmont will help me find the acolytes.

Inner DraculaEdit

  • I must fight my own blood, my curse.
  • I can now fight against my own corrupt blood, face to face.


  • The energy of the acolyte has left a trail. Now I can reach it.
  • I can reach the acolyte that killed Victor by following its spectral trail.
  • The acolyte is too powerful. I must lure it to another place.
  • The powers of the acolyte are too much for me, but maybe Trevor is here to help.
  • The acolyte has brought the statues of the Riders of the Storm to life.
  • The Riders of the Storm have arisen under the orders of the acolyte.

The BasilicaEdit

  • I must speak with my son. He's waiting for me somewhere in the Castle Horn.
  • Trevor is waiting for me near the Castle Horn.
  • I've finally rebuilt the Mirror of Fate.
  • The last acolyte is in the conclave. I must go to the Basilica.
  • There is a conclave in the Basilica in the city. The last acolyte is there.
  • Trevor will help me remember.


  • The Paladin, the siege... Now I remember.
  • Now that Zobek knows about our plan, I can finally take my revenge.
  • Zobek is finally in my hands. I will exact my revenge now.


  • I must find the location chosen by Satan.
  • Satan's arrival is near. I must find the location.
  • I must find the place where Satan will return.
  • Satan can no longer hide, and now I will destroy him.
  • My revenge will be complete when I destroy Satan once and for all.

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