While the Creature doesn't attack, it can deal a lot of damage to the player if it ever comes into physical collision with the hapless player who is busy trying to land blows on the Creature's head as well as avoid the wiry Igor.



RECOMMENDED WEAPONS: Holy Water, Boomerang

ATTACK PATTERN: Igor: Hops to the left and then back to the right, shooting fireballs at you.

Frankenstein: Walks around randomly.

STRATEGY: Frankenstein is the first boss that can give you a hard time if you don't know what you're doing - of course it's not really Frankenstein that you have to worry about, it's his miniature partner, Igor. If you know how to avoid Igor and it's fireballs you can defeat Frankenstein easily. It will generally hop while it's in the middle of the screen and then jump high when it reaches the platforms in the corners. Hide on the inside edge of the platforms to avoid it.

But you should keep your eyes open and stay ready to move around since it won't follow this pattern completely. Frankenstein can get in the way but he will usually stay on right side of the screen. Stay close to the platforms so you can jump over Frankenstein or Igor if you find you are getting trapped. When you first enter the room, run and jump onto the side of the lower right platform to get in some quick hits before Igor starts moving.

If you have the Holy Water, you can do some serious damage to him and maybe even defeat him without Igor ever moving if you have a Double or Triple Shot. Without the Double or Triple Shot Frankenstein and Igor will break out of the stun after a few seconds but you should be able to take anywhere between 1/4 to almost 1/3 of his health. After that keep hitting him with the whip and stun him with the Holy Water when you get the time.

If you have the Boomerang, stay on the ground and toss them at Frankenstein at the start. Hit Frankenstein from a distance with the Boomerang and use the whip if you are close to him. The other weapons are not as good as the first two I talked about but you might end up with one of them. With the Dagger you can use the same strategy as the Boomerang. The Axe isn't such a good choice here but at least you can hit both guys from a distance. If it's your first time fighting him, you'll probably have the knife and some hearts. The most simple strategy is to chuck knives at him like there's no tomorrow. Igor will occasionally intercept them; this is your chance to move to a safer location to avoid Igor. This is difficult, since you'll probably get hit by Igor and Frankenstein multiple times, meaning you'll most likely barely win.

Enemy Data: Castlevania
Image Name - Game
Statistics Items Location
19. Frankenstein & Igor (Frankenstein and Hunchback [Boss]) [ edit ]
Castlevania (Strategy)
Frankenstein attacks gradually, while Igor jumps and attacks. Don't let Igor divert you with his jumping. An intensive attack with the Dagger or Fire Bomb is effective.(*) HP: 12
Exp: 5,000
Atk: 4
4. Catacombs

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