The Flying Humanoid is an enemy in Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow. It is a mysterious figure that hovers in the distance.


The Flying Humanoid resembles a cloaked figure that can be seen flying in the background right outside of Zephyr's boss room in the Cursed Clock Tower. It can only be harmed with the Mandragora's soul, Last Scream, which causes it to shriek and apparently explode, releasing its soul toward the player. As it has no rarity level in the Enemy List (and being the only monster to have no rarity level in the game) its soul can be acquired with every kill.

The soul received from the Flying Humanoid is a Guardian Soul, and it grants the Blessed Wings ability. When cast, the player is given a bonus to INT and LCK; however, one must hold down the R button and 'charge' it to gain the effect. The longer the button is held, the larger the bonus received. The maximum bonus amount this soul yields is INT +75 and LCK +18, and can be obtained by holding the button for about 9 seconds (consumes 15 MP/TIME while charging). It must be noted, though, that even if the player collects 9 Flying Humanoid's souls, there won't be further extra bonuses granted. When cast, a pair of angelic wings will grow from Soma's back; this is only an aesthetic, however, as they don't allow flight or affect gameplay in any way.

As the creature's picture in the Enemy List's entry is shown at the same distance as it appears in the room where it's found at, its true appearance is hard to determine.

The Flying Humanoid is one of three cryptid-based hidden monsters in Dawn of Sorrow, along with the Yeti and Mothman.


The Flying Humanoid is derived from an actual unexplained phenomenon that occurs even today with sightings of what appear to describe flying men or women, either strapped with some kind of strange device or equipment or alighted on a pair of unusual wings (either made from a fur-like substance or other material). Mexican observers and media often call it "la Bruja", or "the Witch". In fact, a careful look at the Flying Humanoid while it's in the background does seem to show a person, or at least a cape or dress flowing in the air.

Sightings of Flying Humanoids aren't as common as other sky phenomena, but they do happen periodically. Explanations for this phenomena include: stray weather surveillance equipment/balloons, airplanes, flying animals, or even demonic creatures.

Enemy DataEdit

Enemy Data: Flying Humanoid
Image Name - Game
Statistics Items Location
Flyinghumanoid 32. Flying Humanoid (jpn) [ edit ]
Dawn of Sorrow
A mysterious figure that hovers in the distance. HP: 1
MP: 30
Exp: 1
Atk: 0
Timestop: Unaffected
Soul: Blessed Wings (100%)
Cursed Clock Tower


  • The UMA News newspaper has three issues regarding sightings of the Flying Humanoid:
    1. UMA News 3-1 - Up in the sky! Is it a Man?
    2. UMA News 3-2 - Let us call this airborne being the Flying Humanoid.
    3. UMA News 3-3 - Could we ever achieve contact with this aerial being?