Flying Beetle Rollers are enemies in Castlevania: Bloodlines.


Flying Beetle Rollers are mechanical, insect-like creatures encountered in the Munitions Factory. They initially enter flying on the screen, make one pass, and then drop to the ground (shedding their wings in the process); then they propel themselves forward at great speed in an attempt to run over the hero.

They boast a spinning saw blade at the bottom, which they use as a mean of locomotion on the ground. Their overall shape, including the way their frontal pincers are positioned, give them the appearance of a giant, one-eyed skull.

Enemy DataEdit

Name Alt. Name
Flying Beetle Roller
4. The Munitions Factory



  • The Flying Beetle Roller was designed by K. IKETANI, a reader of MegaDriveFAN. It won the gold medal for enemy designs in a contest and was included in the game, along with the Silhouette Demon and the Skeleton Monkey.

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