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Belmont ClanEdit

Traditional timelineEdit

Alternate timelineEdit

Schneider ClanEdit

Belmont Family (Belmont Legacy)Edit

Belmont Clan offshootsEdit

Renard ClanEdit

Morris ClanEdit

Lecarde ClanEdit

Wygol villagersEdit

Belnades Clan and offshootsEdit

(note that the Belmont Clan after Trevor are all offshoots of the Belnades Clan)

Traditional timelineEdit

Alternate timelineEdit

Danasty FamilyEdit

Traditional timelineEdit

Alternate timelineEdit

Oldrey FamilyEdit

Gandolfi FamilyEdit

Relatives of DraculaEdit

Cronqvist/Ţepeş FamilyEdit

Bartley Family (Belmont Legacy)Edit

Soul relatives of DraculaEdit

Other blood relatives of DraculaEdit

Other Clans/FamiliesEdit

Baldwin FamilyEdit

Graves FamilyEdit

Lords of Shadow timelineEdit

See also: Lords of Shadow Timeline

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