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The Fairy-Type Innocent Devil is the first one Hector forges in the game Castlevania: Curse of Darkness. It can be found in the Abandoned Castle, Second Floor.

This small creature uses it's Heal ability to aid Hector in battle. They also attack, but are relatively weak. However, they are useful, having the "Unlock" ability that allows you access to items in treasure chests hidden in some areas of the game. Fairy-Types cannot be damaged by enemies in all sorts. They also (depending on their evolutionary outcome) can read the Ancient Texts in select areas, which reveal some useful information, press a secret switch you'll find later, and alert you if you're missing and important switch. They also raise Hector's Luck stats somewhat.

Innocent Devil DataEdit

Image Name Information Skills Evolves from Evolves to
Level 1 (Start)
Infant Fairy
The initial fairy-type Innocent Devil, strong in healing. Having just left its cocoon, its body is still soft. Unlock, Heal Lv.1 N/A (starter) Leaffle (40 Red/Yellow)
Herbest (40 Blue/Green/White)
Level 2
A fairy with a leaf for a hat. Desires only to live a simple life. Attracted to beautiful decorations. Time Heal, Poison Powder Infant Fairy Honey Bee (70 Blue/Yellow/White)
Killer Bee (70 Red/Green)
Its leaf hat and clothing mimic those of a fairy in order to win acceptance by humans. Antidote, Heal Lv.2 Infant Fairy Killer Bee (70 Red/Green)
Hornet (70 Blue/Yellow/White)
Level 3
Honey Bee
Has large, compound eyes like a dragonfly, specially developed to watch carefully for predators. Healing Field Leaffle Proboscis Fairy (90 White)
Tiramisu (90 Red/Blue/Green/Yellow)
Killer Bee
Its characteristic large eyes are hidden by a hood. It can see in any type of light, bright or dark. Heal Lv.3, Curse Breaker Leaffle, Herbest Tiramisu (90 Blue/White)
Tiara (90 Red/Green/Yellow)
Its apparent eyes are just for show. It mainly navigates using its highly advanced feelers. Stone Breaker, Lucky Slot Herbest Tiara (90 Red/Blue/Green)
Comet Star (90 Yellow/White)
Level 4 (Final)
Proboscis Fairy
Its appearance as a middle-aged man is just a disguise, and it is said to have secret powers. Press It & See, Just a Little, Skull Bomb, Refresh Honey Bee N/A (Final)
The most knowledgeable race of fairy, rich in ancient culture, always ready to help and advise. Gold Heal, Decipher, Invincible Vase Honey Bee, Killer Bee N/A (Final)
The most popular fairy, due to its extremely cute appearance. Just looking at it is restorative. Healing Drop, Crystal Skull Killer Bee, Hornet N/A (Final)
Comet Star
A fairy variant, a stylish girl who continues to dream the impossible dream of becoming human. Twinkle Shot, Lullaby, Heal Lv.4 Hornet N/A (Final)

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