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The Faerie Familiar is an eidolon resembling a winged sprite. She is one of the five Familiars at Alucard's command in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. She is obtained by acquiring the Faerie Card.

Though the Faerie appears useless at first (she seems to just "hang back" behind Alucard), she plays two roles which, depending on the player, may be critical to his progress.

Her first role is that of a cleric. If at any time Alucard is under a status condition that he is not immune to by way of equipment, the Faerie will administer the appropriate remedy without the player having to equip Alucard. If Alucard is assaulted by a particular special attack, the Faerie will deploy the best resistance potion against said assault. Should Alucard's HP fall into the critical range (<=25%), she will throw Potions to Alucard (as long as he has them) until his HP are back in the safe range for his level. The Faerie throws items of lowest strength first, moving up when Alucard has run out of such items. She will not throw Elixirs nor use acquired food, but as she is the only being able to make use of Life Apples, she is capable of reviving Alucard and restoring him to full HP should he fall in battle. Her exclusive use of Hammers allows her to free a stoned Alucard much more quickly than if the player were to rock Alucard out of his entrapment. These behaviors increase in probability as her experience level grows. She will, however, use Elixirs in the same fashion as Life Apples if she is level 70 or higher.

The Faerie also has the helpful habit of flying toward, then commenting on, secret walls near Alucard's current location ("There's something funny about this wall."), among other similar actions.

The Japanese version of Symphony of the Night and the PSP version also contains a Fairy Familiar (called a Half-Faerie Familiar in the Japanese version), which is brought out with the Fairy Card. It is identical to the Faerie familiar except that it can sing. The Saturn version has a Song Lyrics Card that causes the Fairy familiar to sing more often. The singing Fairy Familiar is called a Sprite Familiar in Castlevania: Judgment and sits on the character's shoulder. It is unlocked by accumulating 10 hours of play.

Item DataEdit

Item Data: Faerie Familiars
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Card Icon Faerie Card (Essence of Faerie) - Symphony of the Night [ edit ]
Summons "Faerie" Familiar Relic (Familiar)
Find: Long Library
Card Icon Fairy Card (Essence of Half-Faerie) - Symphony of the Night (Japanese and DXC-only) [ edit ]
Summons "Fairy" Familiar Relic (Familiar)
Find: Olrox's Quarters

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