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"The longer you hold the attack button down, the longer the explosion when it's released."
— Description

Exploding M. Circle is an Innocent Devil ability in Castlevania: Curse of Darkness. It can be learned by the The End Devil-Type evolution upon meeting certain conditions.

It is an offensive type of the Magic Circle ability. But unlike the Needle Magic Circle and the M. Circle Scissors which require repeated taps of the attack button, this ability requires the player to hold the attack button instead. Doing so will charge up the Magic Circle, signified by a red spark glowing in size. The longer it is charged, the greater the damage and the wider the Area-of-Effect becomes.

It is one of the most powerful offensive Innocent Devil abilities in the game. When fully-charged, it can deal up to a constant 1000 damage on enemies (500 if the enemy is Fire-tolerant). However, it is very weak in boss fights due to balancing purposes. Another drawback is that it drains the most Hearts per second (when charging) out of the Magic Circle abilities.


Unlocking this ability for The End requires a bit of a challenge. The following conditions must be met.

  • Primarily, what needs to be done is to let The End kill 20 enemies. By kill, it should be noted that the Innocent Devil must be the one who delivers the killing blow on the enemies.
  • The valid targets are enemies Level 30 or above.
  • Lastly, Hector must not be damaged by the enemies in any sorts.

Failure to meet a condition means that the kill will not be counted.

Assuming that the player is already in Dracula's Castle, it is very possible to achieve this evolution. Several Level 42 Ghouls appear on the Basement Area. When they spawn, move Hector to a far corner of the room. Since this type of enemy is very slow, The End can finish them with about 3-4 hits before they can even get to Hector. About 5 Ghouls appear on a single room, the player can just re-enter that room to reach the required kill count.

Item DataEdit

Item Data: Exploding M. Circle
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Exploding M. Circle CoD Icon Exploding M. Circle - Curse of Darkness [ edit ]
The longer you hold the attack button down, the longer the explosion when it's released. Innocent Devil Abilities
The End 
Consume: 20 Hearts  First Obtained: The End must perform a killing blow on 20 enemies that are at least level 30 or higher. These 20 enemies must not also be allowed to damage Hector in order for the skill to be unlocked



  • During the boss battle with Isaac in Cordova Town, Abel casts this ability without having his master converge into the Magic Circle.

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