Evil Core is a hideous monstrosity resembling an unborn fetus. These creatures can be found in the basement area of Garibaldi Temple in Castlevania: Curse of Darkness. This area can only be accessed after gaining the Devil-Type Innocent Devil (even in its Gale form), and using its Magic Circle ability to slide under a cracked wall. The Evil Cores are located near a Save Room, which is located just up the long hallway which leads to the Legion and Nuculais' boss room. This area is the only place in the game where these creatures can be found. They are, however, very powerful and very rarely drop the Miracle Egg material. Dark Crystals can also be stolen from them. They are good for leveling up young Innocent Devils because they normally drop 3 Evo Crystals, and are worth a lot of Experience. The Miracle Egg is an extremely rare drop, and incidents of gamers having to kill hundreds of Evil Cores just to find one of these have been reported.

In the room where the second battle with Isaac takes place, you can see statues of giant hands holding Evil Cores.

Enemy DataEdit

Enemy Data: Evil Core
Image Name - Game
Statistics Items Location
COD-115 115. Evil Core Lv.42  [ edit ]
Curse of Darkness (Strategy)
A core of evil made from hatred, envy, anger and other dark emotions. Sucks in whomever it can. Strong: Wind, Earth, Dark
Weak: Fire, Ice, Light
Level: 42
HP: 190
Exp: 116
Rare Drop: Miracle Egg
Steal: Dark Crystal
Garibaldi Temple


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