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Evil Butcher
Japanese name
Appears in Lords of Shadow
Location Refectory (Chapter 6)
Health Points
Experience Points
Skill Points
Tolerances Dagger, Fairy
Weaknesses Explosive Dagger, Light Fairy, Holy Water x2, Divine Shield, Crystal x2
Drops Refectory Key

The Evil Butcher is a boss in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. He guards the Bernhard family's castle kitchens.


41-hud boss butcher

The Evil Butcher is a monster of unknown origin. It has somehow become the 'official cook' for the vampires. The Dark Lord Carmilla uses the Evil Butcher to feed the Ghouls, Wargs and other creatures that live within the castle grounds.

He carries a huge iron cleaver as his main weapon. He is not really a fighter but is dangerous and skilled with the tools found in his kitchen, however, due to his size, he needs constant 'refueling' in order to maintain his stamina.

Gabriel first encounters the Evil Butcher when he enters the castle Dining Hall. The butcher drops human body parts on a golden plate, before ringing a bell, and then leaving the room. The bell opens up several vents releasing Ghouls into the room. Gabriel repeats the same procedure to get into the vent, and sneak into the kitchen, where he battles the creature.


After awhile the creature drinks a glowing liquid in a pot and puts the pot over head. Gabriel hits the pot stunning the creature, allowing him to grab the creature and start a finishing combo.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Evil Butcher is also the name of a lesser enemy in Aria of Sorrow.


Interestingly enough, the cleaver he wields is actually a steel variant of the agito found in Monster Hunter.


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