For the general environment, see Castle Entrances.

The Entrance is a location in Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance. It is the opening stage of the game.


This is the area where the player starts the game in. It is a stormy night and our two main protagonists, Juste and Maxim, have just arrived to Castlevania's front yard. Stopping for a second, Maxim tells Juste that this is the place where he believes Lydie is being held prisoner. Suddenly, he lets out a cry of pain and falls to his knees. Juste, visibly concerned about his friend's sake, asks him if he's feeling alright, to what Maxim responds that he should not worry about him and instead make haste in his search for Lydie's whereabouts, promising he'll catch up with him as soon as he feels better.

Without wasting any more time, Juste sets on his way toward the castle's gates. Midway through his path, though, he comes across to what appears to be pile of rubble. With no other option than to jump over it, he does just that; however, as soon as he sets foot on the other side, the pile suddenly starts to move and comes to life, revealing itself to be the ancient Greek monster known as Talos.

The giant starts marching toward Juste, forcing him to continue advancing until he reaches the castle's drawbridge. Without hesitation, Juste crosses the bridge while it magically lifts by itself, opening a chasm in its place where Talos falls in and apparently dies in a fiery explosion.


  • Talos's armor is incredibly tough, rendering him impervious to all harm. His armor, however, will get severely damaged from falling down the chasm, breaking open a spot on his left ankle (in reference to the original Greek myth), thus allowing Juste to damage and eventually destroy him for good when they meet again in the Luminous Cavern (Castle A).

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