SOTN Werewolf Energy Bolt

Werewolf using energy bolt in Symphony of the Night

Energy Bolts are aura blasts that can be hurled from the fist by some Werewolves in the Castlevania series. It is the primary long distance attack for Cornell in Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness. Its strength can be increased up to two times by finding a Power-Up. Although it is Cornell's principle attack in Legacy of Darkness, he does not utilize this attack in Castlevania Judgment or Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.

Item DataEdit

Item Data: Energy Bolt
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Cornattack-1- Energy Bolt [Level 1] (Vacuum Wave) - Legacy of Darkness [ edit ]
' Weapon (Long-Range)
ATK = 13
Evolve: + PowerUp > Level 2
Cornattack-1- Energy Bolt [Level 2] (Vacuum Wave) - Legacy of Darkness [ edit ]
' Weapon (Long-Range)
ATK = 16.25
Create: Level 1 + PowerUp
Evolve: + PowerUp -> Level 3
Cornattack-1- Energy Bolt [Level 3] (Vacuum Wave) - Legacy of Darkness [ edit ]
' Weapon (Long-Range)
ATK = 19.5
Create: Level 2 + PowerUp

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