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The Emerald Corset is a corset made of Emerald. It is the only corset that in addition to a Defense boost also gives an Intelligence Boost. It is one of three corsets that give a Defense boost of +16 and a boost of +3 to some other attribute (Sapphire Corset boosts Constitution and Ruby Corset boosts Strength). This is more defense than an Amethyst Corset (+11), but less than a Lilith Corset (+17).

Item DataEdit

Item Data: Emerald Corset
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Emerald Corset PoR Icon Emerald Corset - Portrait of Ruin [ edit ]
A corset decorated with sparkling emeralds. Body Gear (Dress)
DEF +16, INT +3
Sell: $1,250 
Buy: $5,000 Find: Entrance (Vincent's shop)

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