The Electric Skeleton is a magical skeleton that wields the power of electricity. This enemy attacks by sending a bolt of lightning into the ground that travels a short distance.


A yellow skeleton surrounded by bolts of lightning. It paces back and forth, usually starting to attack before Nathan can even get near it. It is advisable to let it attack first and then counterattack or approach it by jumping forward, allowing the electric bolt to dissipate and then land while striking the skeleton at the same time.

Enemy DataEdit

Electric Skeleton スケルトンエレキ Sukeruton'ereki
(Skeleton Electric)
42/150 30/700
ATK DEF Location
80/400 50/200 Audience Room, Outer Wall, Battle Arena
Common Drop Rare Drop
- Golem Card (1%)
Resistance Electricity

Note: The second stat listed is the stat of the enemy when encountered in the Battle Arena.


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