The Effect Orb System is a gameplay mechanic introduced in the 2003 Sony PlayStation 2 game Castlevania: Lament of Innocence.

Leon Belmont has the ability to infuse his sub-weapons with the magic of the orbs to perform a wide variety of magical attacks. Because there are many varieties of orbs and sub-weapons, dozens of magic spells can be used.

Combination TableEdit

+ Orbs
Red Orb
Purple Orb
Blue Orb
Green Orb
Yellow Orb
White Orb
Black Orb
Dagger LoI
Triple Dagger Magic Missile Needle Claws Force Cannon Astral Knife Spread Gun Blade Serpent
Axe LoI
Spiral Axe Axe Tornado Spinning Edge High Speed Edge Spirit Ripper Axe Trap Rapid Slash
Holy Water LoI
Roaring Flames Cross Blazer Energy Gazer Flame Sparks Holy Symbol Aqua Disk Energy Wave
Cross LoI
Double Cross Michael's Sword Divine Cross Holy Light Grand Cross Agunea Six Saints
Crystal LoI
Massive Crystal Shatter Plane Hail Crystal Drain Stone Satellite Judgment Vanishing Storm
Pumpkin Sub-Weapon LoI
Large Pumpkin Pumpkin Missile Shock Pumpkin Rampage Pumpkin Grand Pumpkin Spread Pumpkin Pumpkin Serpent

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