The Ebisu Raiment is a Japanese coat that increases your chances of finding rare items.

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Item DataEdit

This cape is quite annoying to get and you have already proven your luck by getting one. Well worth the effort, it adds yet another Rare Item Find Up, stacked with two thief rings all other rares become much easier to find. This can only be found on Chapter 11 NORMAL and is best found using a female besides Shanoa, (as she can get the female weapons as well as most of the whip wielder weapons).

Item Data: Ebisu Raiment
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Ebisu Raiment - Harmony of Despair
Increases your chances of finding rare items. Back (Raiment)
Attrib: Petrify +10,

Curse +10, Poison +10

DEF +1, LCK +5
Rarity: ****
Drop: Ryukotsuki
First Obtained: Chapter 11 (Normal)

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