Easy Mode, also known as Light Mode, is a mode of play offered at the beginning of some games that is easier to play than Normal Mode. It is in contrast to the more difficult Hard Mode.

Game specific informationEdit


Easy mode does not appear in the original Castlevania game, but is available in a few versions of the game, including the Famicom remake version and some cell phone games.

In the Famicom game, easy mode started you out with 9 lives and 30 hearts. Also, the enemies deal out less damage and you don't get knocked back when you take damage. When you lose a life, you retain any sub-weapons, double shots, or triple shots that you had equipped.

Castlevania: BloodlinesEdit

You can select Easy Mode in Castlevania: Bloodlines prior to starting a game.

Castlevania LegendsEdit

You can select "Light Mode" when starting a new game. In this version, you start out with your whip fully powered up.

Castlevania JudgmentEdit

Easy mode can be selected from the options menu, making your computer opponents easy to defeat. They will also not perform Super Finishing Move in this mode.

Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirthEdit

Easy mode can be selected in the options menu. Some noticeable differences are that getting hit by an enemy attack does not knock you back. You also start out with more hearts than normal. Dracula's third form will also not appear in this mode.

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