The Earthquake Punch is an advanced attack skill found in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow games. It is generally performed by charging the Area Attack button while blocking. This releases a powerful ground punch which is capable of knocking down nearby grounded enemies or destroying them in one blow. The Direct Attack counterpart to this attack is the Tremor Punch.

In Lords of Shadow, this move is possible as soon as the Dark Gauntlet is obtained. The amount of charging necessary can vary. Attacking without charging results in a relatively weak blow. Holding down the attack button charges the gauntlet until it flashes for maximum power. The punch occurs as soon as the button is released. This can also activate some switches found on the floor in the Castle. The Aerial counterpart to this attack in this game is the Avalanche Punch, which will release its explosive energy towards the ground while Gabriel is still hovering. Gabriel will hover in the air while charging this attack.

In Mirror of Fate, no relic is necessary to gain this attack. The power of this attack does not depend on how long it has been charged. The punch occurs as soon as it has been charged for long enough. In this game, the move can also be performed in the air, which will cause the player to quickly smash down to the ground.

Item DataEdit

Item Data: Earthquake Punch
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Earthquake Punch - Lords of Shadow [ edit ]
Powerful downwards punch. Charge it up by holding the [Block] and [Area Attack] buttons until your Dark Gauntlet glows red, then release for extra range and power. This attack can knock back enemies surrounding you, or even kill them in one shot. The Earthquake Punch can also activate certain mechanical switches. Skill (Relic Powers)
First Obtained: When Dark Gauntlet obtained
Sequence: [Block] + (hold) [Area Attack] (requires Dark Gauntlet)
Avalanche Punch - Lords of Shadow [ edit ]
While you are airborne, use this attack to throw a wave of Dark Gauntlet power downwards. Nearby smaller enemies will be lifted into the air, allowing you to continue the combo with further attacks. Press and hold the [Block] and the [Area Attack] buttons, charge the Gauntlet for as long as you can, and then release to set off the attack. Skill (Relic Powers)
Buy: 2500 SP (after Dark Gauntlet obtained)  Sequence: (in the air) [Block] + (hold) [Area Attack] (requires Dark Gauntlet)
Earthquake Punch - Mirror of Fate [ edit ]
Brutal punch to the ground that delivers a shock wave capable of knocking down nearby enemies. Skill
Conditions: Level 9  Sequence: [Tremor] and hold [Area Punch] (also in air)



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