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Dungeons and Prisons are common types of environments within the Castlevania series. In them, people or other creatures captured by Dracula's armies are held prisoners. Cells, cages and torture instruments are common sights in these foul places located deep below the castle. The fate of those unfortunate who ended up there, is to be kept alive to serve as "human cattle" and be devoured by the Dark Lord's pets, or as a reliable source of blood to sustain the vampire population. Other times, people who were abducted from nearby villages are put temporarily in a cell, to be later carried to the castle's arena, where they'll meet their untimely demise at the hands of dreadful creatures for the amusement of the audience; or, in some cases, taken to the laboratories and perform living experiments with them. Yet some other times, prisoners are just thrown into a cage and left there, forgotten, to rot away slowly until the day they die. Rats are usually found lurking through the corridors of these areas, and the idea of prisoners hunting them down to eat may not come as a surprise.


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