Dungeon Minion Book of Dracul

Dungeon Minions are dwarfed visions of the Dungeon Jailers in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2.


It wasn’t long after Dracula’s rise to power that the first humans, from nearby regions, paid homage and swore allegiance to the Prince of Darkness. In exchange for their pathetic lives, they agreed to kill anyone who did not join the cause, whether stranger, acquaintance or relative. With each murder they committed, their body transformed gradually into that of a foul beast, as if it were a physical reflection of their cowardly and treacherous soul. Once they were left without a trace of humanity, they withdrew to the deepest reaches of the castle to defend the interests of their lord under the orders of the dungeon guards.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Dungeon Minions make up for their lack of power in numbers. They will strike with their weapons, launch themselves like a cannonball at the player and send out a large insect/beetle that explodes to release a toxic gas. When near a Dungeon Jailer, the leader will grab a minion and kick or throw them at the player.


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