The Dragon Form is a power Dracula obtains in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2.

By collecting five dragon scales, Dracula can activate the Talisman of the Dragon to transform himself into a powerful draconic form and obliterate his enemies.

Interestingly, Dracula seems to be able to partially manifest this form without the Talisman of the Dragon as he does so during his battle against the Gorgon Sisters. 

The power alone is Dracula's single most devastaing attack, as it is capable of wiping out most  if not all enemies with a single hit.



  • The Dragon Form is possibly linked to Dracula's Chaos magic considering it is composed of smoke and fire instead of flesh.
    • It should be noted that Dracula doesn't have access to this form until after he re-acquires his Chaos Claws.
  • The Dragon Form is similar in function to the Dark Crystal used by Gabriel in the first Lords of Shadow game.
    • Both require collecting multiple items to use the item's power.
    • Both are capable of destroying all enemies on screen following an animation.

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