For the general environment, see Courtyards.

The Courtyard is a location in Castlevania: Dracula X.


After finding his way through the caverns, Richter finally arrives to the castle's courtyard, a wide area surrounded by woods where a mob of Flea Men carried by Monster Bats will try to ambush him.

Once reaching the other end, Richter climbs up one of the castle's ramparts, which conveniently takes him right inside the castle's gallery, a series of exquisitely decorated hallways where valuable paintings are being displayed. Armor Knights and Victory Armors guard this maze-like area full of staircases and dead ends.

As he makes his way out of that place, Richter suddenly finds himself on the rooftop of one of the castle's oldest sections, where even the slightest misstep could make him fall to his death. Many of the platforms found here barely hold still and will start to crumble as soon as he sets foot on them.

Once he gets across this dangerous area, an even greater danger emerges. He arrives into a room with a castle standing in the distance, with a full moon as backdrop. An ominous silhouette sits on its top, followed by the sound of a terrifying howl. The Lypuston is an incredibly agile and fast creature that seems to always have the perfect attack to counter any of Richter's combat styles, so he will have to make the most of his skills to prevail in this battle.

Enemy DataEdit

Enemy Data: Courtyard (Stage 5)
Image Name - Game
Statistics Items Location
Cvdx-raven-1- Raven  [alt] [ edit ]
Dracula X (Strategy)
' 5. Courtyard, 5'. Sunken City, 6. Clock Tower
Cvdx-axelord-1- Axe Armor [Red]  [alt] [ edit ]
Dracula X (Strategy)
' HP: 7
4. Dungeon, 4'. Caves, 5. Courtyard, 6. Clock Tower
Cvdx-bigbat Monster Bat  [ edit ]
Dracula X (Strategy)
' 5. Courtyard
Dx-fleaman-1- Flea Man  [ edit ]
Dracula X (Strategy)
' HP: 1
4. Dungeon, 5. Courtyard
Cvdx-ghost-1- Skull Head  [ edit ]
Dracula X (Strategy)
' HP: 2
4. Dungeon, 5. Courtyard, 6. Clock Tower
Speargrd-1- Armor Knight  [alt] [ edit ]
Dracula X (Strategy)
' HP: 5
2. Entrance, 3. Hall, 5. Courtyard, 6. Clock Tower, 7. Dracula
Bigsword-1-a Victory Armor  [alt] [ edit ]
Dracula X (Strategy)
' 5. Courtyard
Cvdx-axe-1- Axe Armor [Blue]  [alt] [ edit ]
Dracula X (Strategy)
' HP: 7
2. Entrance, 3. Hall, 5. Courtyard, 6. Clock Tower, 7. Dracula
Werewolf2 Lypuston  (Werewolf) [ edit ]
Dracula X
' 5. Courtyard




  1. Due to a mistake made by Konami, this song's name was mislabeled on the soundtrack disc as "Slash". Its correct name is Op.13.

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