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Akumajo Dracula MIDI collection

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Akumajo Dracula MIDI collection
Japanese Name
悪魔城ドラキュラ MIDI コレクション Akumajō Dorakyura MIDI Korekusyon
Release Date(s)
Oct 22, 1997
Catalog Number(s)
3262 JPY

Number of Discs
Number of Tracks
Total Length
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This soundtracks contains MIDI arrangements of Castlevania music. It was released on October 22, 1997. The different arrangers are Dota Ando, Kimitaka Matsumae, Manami Matsumae, Aki Hata and USP.

Track listEdit

  1. Vampire Killer
  2. Staker Stalker
  3. Wicked Child
  4. Walking on the Edge
  5. Heart of Fire
  6. Out of Time
  7. Nothing to Lose
  8. Theme of Simon Belmont
  9. Battle of the Holly Battle of the Holy
  10. The Silence of Daylight
  11. Rainbow Cemetery
  12. Vampire Killer
  13. Out of Time
  14. The Silence of Daylight
  15. Divine Bloodlines
  16. Blood Relations
  17. Wandering Ghosts
  18. Lost Painting
  19. Go Go at the Castle
  20. Dreams of Triumph

More InformationEdit

The spelling mistakes on tracks 02 and 09 in the tracklist are intentional and were in the original tracklist of this CD. Their real names are "Stalker" (Castlevania) and "Battle for the Holy" (Castlevania: The Adventure).


  • Tracks 01~11: Original Arrange.
  • Tracks 12~17: GameSound Simulation.
  • Tracks 18~19: Piano Arrange.
  • Track 20: Kukeiha Club Arrange MIDI Ver..

Original GamesEdit


  • Dota Ando: tracks 01~04, 06.
  • Kimitaka Matsumae: track 05.
  • Manami Matsumae: track 07.
  • Aki Hata: tracks 08~11.
  • USP: tracks 12~20.

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