Count Vlad "Dracula" Tepes is the main antagonist of the Netflix original series, Castlevania. He is the father of Alucard, as well as the widower of Lisa Tepes.

He is voiced by Graham McTavish in the English version of the show.

Early lifeEdit

During the medieval period of Europe in Wallachia, there was a vampire named Dracula who had a dislike of humans, going so far as to kill his victims with impalement. He possessed vast knowledge of immortality and lived all by himself in a castle that was also a moving fortress.

Throughout the seriesEdit

In 1455, he had an unexpected visitor: a woman named Lisa who was conducting research to improve medicine and wanted to become a doctor. She had come to Dracula to learn of the science that only he knew, but he threatened her with his distrust of the humans. To his surprise, Lisa was not afraid of him, and she encouraged him to explore the changing world. Finding himself attracted to her, Dracula welcomed Lisa into his home.

At some point later, Dracula took up the name “Vlad” and married Lisa. Together they had a son they named Adrian, who would later be known as Alucard. They then lived in a cottage outside of Targoviste, Wallachia, where Lisa continued her research into medicine.

In 1475, Vlad’s happy days with Lisa came to an abrupt and tragic end. One night, while returning home from his travels, he discovered that the cottage was completely burned down. He then encountered an elderly woman who was treated by Lisa. While she was laying flowers, Vlad learned from her that Lisa was arrested on false charges of witchcraft, and she was sentenced to death. Enraged, Vlad abandoned his human identity and became Dracula once more. He then warned the old woman to take her family and leave Wallachia before teleporting away in a pillar of fire. Arriving at the site of Lisa’s execution, Dracula demanded to know what happened to his wife. When the Bishop proclaimed that she was a witch and that he himself was just a myth, the vampire was angered and gave the people of Targoviste one year to make their peace with God before his return to destroy them. Returning to his castle, Dracula prepared to summon an army from Hell within one year. But then his son Alucard appeared and begged him not to kill innocent people. Dracula shouted that there were no innocents left because no one acted to save Lisa. He then attacked Alucard, leaving a large wound on the chest of his own son.

One year later, Dracula appeared in Targoviste, as promised, to a people celebrating Lisa’s death. He unleashed his army on them, resulting in a large scale massacre. The horde then descended upon the rest of Wallachia.


Season 1Edit

Season 1
01. Witchbottle
02. Necropolis
03. Labyrinth
04. Monument

Season 2Edit




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