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Dracula's Castle Map

Dracula's Castle Map

Dracula's Castle (The Castle of Dracula in Japanese version) is a stage of Castlevania: Curse of Darkness.


Dialogue Data: Dracula's Castle (edit)
Image / Participants Transcript Information
Cod offart55Hector

Cod offart56Isaac

A Battle of Devil Forgemasters
(Hector and Issac meet in a reddish colored room near the top of the Dracula's Castle)

Isaac: You resurrected the castle, Hector. Bravo. (claps)
Hector: You want me to regain my powers. Now I see why. I fell right into your plot... After 3 years of peace, I'd lost my edge.
Isaac: And I've sharpened mine. I've been waiting quite a long time to plot my revenge. Not only did my Lord die because of you -- you stripped me of my pride, my home. Now I shall make you suffer as I suffered. You shall die a most painful, gruesome death.

(Isaac takes out his Laser Blade and prepares for the battle)


19. Curse of Darkness- Isaac 3

Japanese version:
video - Nico Nico Douga video (registration required)
Game: Castlevania: Curse of Darkness
Location: Dracula's Castle 7F
When: Second Isaac Boss Fight Beginning
Cod offart55Hector

Julia LaforezeJulia Cod offart59Zead

Denying the Curse
(Isaac's Laser Blade flies through the air as Isaac is thrown to the ground. Isaac falls with screaming. Hector rushes toward Isaac in a fit of rage and anger, holding his Laser Blade)

Hector: Die, Isaac! DIE!
(Hector suddenly realizes what he is about to do as a reminder of what Julia said earlier phases through Hector's mind as he comes to his senses)
Julia: Do not let the curse take hold of you! I'm certain that she would not wish you to pay such a price for your revenge.
(Hector lowers the sword while speaking)
Hector: This murderous impulse... This thirst for bloody vengeance... This is not me... T'is the curse! Dracula's curse!
(Hector buries about his hands as Dracula's flaming red eyes are shown above him)
Zead: (claps) Oh-ho, and you would not fall prey to the curse. Praiseworthy, indeed. I wonder why. Was your desire for vengeance weak? Or was your spirit strong? No matter, either way, t'is well finished. Your efforts have been a great boon to me. The moment you wavered was all I needed.
(The coffin lifts Isaac and shuts, floats back under the floor as Hector raises his head to watch. Hector turns his head round)
Hector: Zead! So, you're the one behind all of this!
Zead: You could say that.
Hector: You used me to revive Lord Dracula!
Zead: Even so. Devil forgemasters alone are suffused in my master's magic. Thus, only a devil forgemaster can be the vessel for his reawakening. I knew you would be the best... material. (snorts) Yes, much more so than Isaac. That is why I guided you here. So that you may fully regain your powers.
Hector: Who are you?
Zead: However, for Lord Dracula to be reborn in you, the curse had to take hold of you. When you rejected the curse, you proved to be useless. Truly, t'is most unfortunate.
(Zead whips his hand downward as the familiar blade from earlier slides out from under his right sleeve)
Hector: (shocked) That weapon... You are none other than... Death!
(Zead is shown swinging a scythe as Hector realizes his true form through the priest disguise)
Zead (Death): Soon, my master will enter Isaac's body. Though you were favored, Isaac will do. Dracula will once more walk the night! And as of you, it is time for you to die!

(Black vapours rise from round Zead as he stands with his scythe while preparing to shed his false disguise)


20. Curse of Darkness- Death

Japanese version:
video - Nico Nico Douga video (registration required)
Game: Castlevania: Curse of Darkness
Location: Dracula's Castle 7F
Background Music: Confrontation -The Second-
When: After defeating Isaac
Cod offart55Hector

CoD Dracula CutDracula

The Dark Lord Revived
(The same coffin which Isaac was closed in suddenly busts open as a mist is released)

Dracula: (breath of relief) Ah, the traitor, Hector...
Hector: Lord Dracula... You are reborn.
Dracula: Why did you betray me?
Hector: Why did you unleash your hatred upon the humans? When you began slaughtering them indiscriminately, I had no choice but to disobey you.
Dracula: You side against me... for the sake of humans? (angrily) Humans are not worth the air they breathe. I was simply cleansing the world.
Hector: It is not your place to judge the worth of humans.
Dracula: The powerful always judge the weak. The humans made their judgment of me, as well. Thus I sentenced them... to extinction. Sympathy is merely a form of weakness. You betrayed me, Hector... And for that, the punishment is death. (sinister grin)
Hector: I stand ready! I will not flee as I did before.

(Hector enters the battle stance)


21. Curse of Darkness- Dracula

Japanese version:
video - Nico Nico Douga video (registration required)
Game: Castlevania: Curse of Darkness
Location: Dracula's Castle 7F
Background Music: Dracula -The First-
When: Before Dracula Boss Fight
Cod offart55Hector

CoD Dracula CutDracula Julia LaforezeJulia

One Final Forging
(Dracula staggers backward in disbelief)

Dracula: The transformation... was it... not complete?
Hector: So it would seem.
(Dracula's body starts to glow a purplish colour)
Dracula: The curse. My soul may return to the abyss, but the curse will not be lifted! It will fester in the hearts of humans until they obliterate themselves...
Hector: Have you forgotten? I am a devil forgemaster. I can turn your curse aside... Transform it into something harmless... And so it shall be. Rest in peace.
(Dracula can no longer hold his power over Isaac's body as his essence fades)
Dracula: Groaaaaaah!!
(The essence continues to fade into the air revealing Isaac whose exhausted body hits the floor)
Hector: Now that I reflect upon it, Isaac's madness and Rosaly's death were both caused by the curse. This, then, is the final forge.
(Hector enchants the spell)
Hector: Heed my words, O great powers of darkness! Release to me one of the tortured souls! Let me infuse him with my life-force and awaken him to the world of the living! Immaculate being... Appear before me now.
(Hector focuses the power in both of his hands into a sphere in front of him. His power slowly starts to collect the remnants of Dracula's essence that form the curse)
Hector: It is too monstrous!
(The essence continues to pour into the sphere near Hector then it explodes into a burst of light as Hector crouches in exhaustion. Hector falls to his knees)
Hector: T'is done!
(The throne room starts to crumble round Hector)
Hector: The struggle has ended. I feel I can let go now, and die in peace.
Julia: You look ghastly.
Hector: Julia. Why did you come here?
Julia: I thought you might be contemplating something foolish. Like... "Letting go."
Hector: You see through it all, don't you?
Julia: You've paid your debt, have you not? From this day on, you must live true to your own heart.
Hector: You are wise indeed, Julia... I cannot fall knowing that you would fall with me.
Julia: Now that you realize, we must go. Let us depart. Quickly!
(Julia hits the bottom of her cane against the ground as a portal quickly forms below both her and Hector Julia turns to look toward Isaac's body)
Julia: (sadly) Farewell... Isaac...

(Hector and Julia both teleport away as a column falls where they once were and the whole throne room starts to crumble)


22. Curse of Darkness- Dracula's defeat

Japanese version:
video - Nico Nico Douga video (registration required)
Game: Castlevania: Curse of Darkness
Location: Dracula's Castle 7F
Background Music: Dracula -The Second-
When: After Dracula Boss Fight

Enemy DataEdit

See Dracula's Castle (Curse of Darkness)/Enemy Data

Item DataEdit

Item Data: Dracula's Castle
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Potion Potion - Curse of Darkness [ edit ]
Medicine that recovers 50 HP. Special
HP +50
Buy: $200 Find: Abandoned Castle, Baljhet Mountains, Garibaldi Temple, Mortvia Aqueduct, Tower of Eternity
Rare Drop: Spirit Lv.4/19/32, Wolf Skeleton Lv.17/23
Steal: Skeleton Blaze Lv.5
Red Steel Red Steel - Curse of Darkness [ edit ]
Red steel, made from solidified magma. Hard, good for armor and non-edged weapons. Material
Common Drop: Armored Sprinter Lv.33/44, Necromancer Lv.31/35, Undead Lord Lv.33/38/43, Harpy Lv.32/46
Stun Resist Ring Stun Resist Ring - Curse of Darkness [ edit ]
Affords its wearer protection against paralysis. Accessory
Rare Drop: Armored Sprinter Lv.33/44
Indigo Steel Indigo Steel - Curse of Darkness [ edit ]
Fairly easy to find, bright indigo in color and pretty heavy. Melts at high temperatures. Material
Common Drop: Assassin Zombie Lv.24/34/44, Lizard Shaman Lv.28/43, Red Ogre Lv.25/48/75, Wolf Skeleton Lv.23
Jade Jade - Curse of Darkness [ edit ]
Rarely used to make weapons, but... maybe...? Material
Rare Drop: Assassin Zombie Lv.24/34/44
Ice Cream Ice Cream - Curse of Darkness [ edit ]
Rich, sweet dessert made from real cream. Eat it up quickly before it melts! Food
HP +20
Rare Drop: Frost Demon Lv.28/38/43, Death Ripper Lv.29/40/75
Bronze Bronze - Curse of Darkness [ edit ]
Deep bluish bronze. Pretty common as a material and not that strong, but has many uses. Material
Common Drop: Skeleton Lv.1/9/38
Forgotten Memory Forgotten Memory - Curse of Darkness [ edit ]
Has existed since the creation of the Earth. Used to make weapons, but almost impossible to work with. Material
Find: Infinite Corridor
Common Drop: Amduscias Lv.39/44, Unicorn Lv.39/44
Angel Halo Angel Halo - Curse of Darkness [ edit ]
Its name comes from its shape and its shine. Has strong holy powers. Material
Find: Mortvia Aqueduct 1F
Rare Drop: Amduscias Lv.39/44
Evolve: Feather Sword, Estoc, Cross Helmet, Maximillian Armor
Ceramics Ceramics - Curse of Darkness [ edit ]
Lighter and more resistant to heat than metallic materials. A light, white ore. Material
Drop: Rapid Sniper Lv.31/40, Skeleton Trooper Lv.35
Pork Bowl Pork Bowl (jpn) - Curse of Darkness [ edit ]
Prime pork cuts on rice. Can be sealed in with an egg for extra flavor. Food
HP +200
Rare Drop: Rapid Sniper Lv.31/40
Milk Milk - Curse of Darkness [ edit ]
From cows raised in wide open pastuers. Great for breakfast. Food
HP +50
Drop: Flea Man Lv.7/40/75
Ceremonial Tool Ceremonial Tool - Curse of Darkness [ edit ]
An amber artifact used in ancient rituals. An ancient weapon is said to be made from this. Material
Find: Garibaldi Temple 1F, Infinite Corridor 3F
Steal: Blaze Master Lv.14, Vassago Lv.25/34/41
Adamantine Adamantine - Curse of Darkness [ edit ]
A mythical metal said to be hardest in existence. Amazing that it actually exists in raw form. Material
Find: Infinite Corridor 3F
Common Drop: Final Guard Lv.42/75
Evolve: Feather Sword, War Hammer, Do Sanga, Masakado's Helm, Cuirassair Armor
High Potion High Potion - Curse of Darkness [ edit ]
Medicine that recovers 200 HP. Special
HP +200
Buy: $1,000 Find: Baljhet Mountains, Mortvia Aqueduct, Tower of Evermore
Rare Drop: Spectral Sword Lv.15/47, Final Guard Lv.42/75
Wild Memory Wild Memory - Curse of Darkness [ edit ]
A strange stone fragment with ancient memories carved on it. Used for simple weapons. Material
Common Drop: Skeleton Blaze Lv.5, Fenrir Lv.5/10, Zombie Lv.5/26/42
White Steel White Steel - Curse of Darkness [ edit ]
White steel, easy to come by and cheap to buy. Quite weak when used alone, but easy to work with. Material
Common Drop: Ghoul Lv.27/42/75, White Gravial Lv.27/43
Ramen CoD Ramen - Curse of Darkness [ edit ]
Long noodles from the East in a tasty soup. Slurp them down in one gulp. Food
HP +100
Rare Drop: Basilisk Lv.23, Ghoul Lv.27/42/75, Phantom Sword Lv.15
Borscht Borscht - Curse of Darkness [ edit ]
A spicy red soup with lots of meat. The color comes from beetroots. Food
HP +250
Rare Drop: Slogra, Gaibon Lv.45
Jet Black Jet Black - Curse of Darkness [ edit ]
A primitive material used since the dawn of time. Still used to make many basic weapons. Material
Common Drop: Cockatrice Lv.6/46, Efreet Lv.7/11/45, Lizardman Lv.6/23
Steal: Cyclops Lv.8/47/75
Sunnyside Up Egg Sunnyside Up Egg - Curse of Darkness [ edit ]
Fresh at breakfast, just the way you like it. Food
HP +150
Rare Drop: Cockatrice Lv.6/46, Efreet Lv.7/11/45
Sun Tears Sun Tears - Curse of Darkness [ edit ]
The innocence of the shining sun captured in amber. Will shine brightly for eternity. Material
Find: Garibaldi Temple 1F
Rare Drop: Flame Demon Lv.31/38/43
Steal: Efreet Lv.7/11/45
Midas' Gold Midas' Gold - Curse of Darkness [ edit ]
Amazingly pure gold. Worth a great deal, but not the best material to make things from. Material
Rare Drop: Jin Lv.36/45
Frenzy of Wind Frenzy of Wind - Curse of Darkness [ edit ]
A bright, fresh green ore. You can hear the wind if you hold it close to your ear. Material
Find: Aiolon Ruins
Steal: Jin Lv.36/45
Piroshki Piroshki - Curse of Darkness [ edit ]
A flat bread from Russia. Also tasty when backed. Food
HP +250
Rare Drop: Gaibon Lv.17/34/45
Orichalcum Orichalcum - Curse of Darkness [ edit ]
The ultimate metal, created on a phantom continent. Shines with a red light. Material
Find: Aiolon Ruins
Steal: Harpy Lv.32/46
Rice Rice - Curse of Darkness [ edit ]
Rice from the Far East, boiled and steaming. Food
HP +75
Rare Drop: Cyclops Lv.8/47/75
Hamburger CoD Hamburger - Curse of Darkness [ edit ]
A meat patty squashed inside a bun to make it easier to eat. This one has a lot of tasty pickles. Food
HP +20
Rare Drop: Executioner Lv.2/26/47
Soft Leather Armour Soft Leather Armor - Curse of Darkness [ edit ]
Cheap and easy to find, great armor for the beginner. Crafted with love and care. Armor
DEF +5
Buy: $100 Find: Julia's Shop
Rare Drop: Iron Gladiator Lv.31/47
Create: Wild Memory
Evolve: Hard Leather Armor
Damascus Steel Damascus Steel - Curse of Darkness [ edit ]
A beautiful layered selection of metals expertly combined. Hard and resistant, it never rust. Material
Find: Cordova Town 1F, Aiolon Ruins
Steal: Iron Gladiator Lv.31/47
Galtite Galtite - Curse of Darkness [ edit ]
A heavy red metal in many layers. Said to draw out a human's latent power, but who really knows? Material
Steal: Crazy Armor Lv.9, Red Ogre Lv.25/48/75
Evolve: Force Glove, Hien
Cheese Cheese - Curse of Darkness [ edit ]
A cheese known as Emmentaler. The holes in it are called 'cheese eyes'. Food
HP +100
Steal: Isaac Lv.50
Deathspulse Death's Pulse - Curse of Darkness [ edit ]
A drum beat from the black depths; merely holding it sends shivers done your spine. Material
Steal: Death Lv.51
Evolve: Death's Scythe
Tomato Juice CoD Tomato Juice - Curse of Darkness [ edit ]
A simple juice with no additives at all. Food
HP +50
Steal: Dracula
Vampire Blood Vampire Blood - Curse of Darkness [ edit ]
A pure red jewel, created from drops of blood from those killed by Dracula. Mark of a demonic king. Material
Find: Tower of Evermore 2F
Steal: Dracula



  • This is the only dungeon in the game where the map rates are split into three (100% for the exterior, 100% for the interior, and 100% for the final boss rooms), making it a total of 300% when viewed on the map.

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