Double Hammers are very tough enemies appearing in Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. They deal very high amounts of damage with all their attacks and are usually found in rooms near to where Weapon Masters can be found.


Double Hammers are gigantic armored knights which appear in two secret areas of Order of Ecclesia: the Training Hall and the Large Cavern. They come armed with two giant hammers, one in each hand, and instead of wielding them normally, they hold them upside-down while stepping onto their heads, using them to move around in a bizarre manner. They move surprisingly fast, though, and can easily outrun the player. Since their attacks also cover very large areas around them, they are often capable of trapping the player in one corner of the rooms they are encountered in.

They also attack in very unconventional ways. When they come near the player, they will stop for a moment and slowly build up a powerful kick, they'll then proceed to kick the head of one of their hammers, sending it arcing upward with tremendous force and inflicting massive damage while covering all the general area in front of them. Their other attack consists on planting their two hammers in place and using them as support to perform a 360° range kick where they spin their whole bodies. This attack covers the whole immediate area around them, again, dealing massive damage.

Their attacks are so powerful that even a high leveled character probably won't be able to withstand two or three subsequent hits.


  • They try to quickly run over the player.
  • They swing one of their two hammers upward by performing a kick.
  • They perform a bizarre stationary spinning kick while they hold their hammers on the ground to support their weight.


As most armored knights, Double Hammers are weak to Strike and Thunder, so fighting them with glyphs that provide these damage types is recommended. Since they are so tall and can get to the player's location in just a few seconds, it's advisable to approach them while flying and lure them into performing an attack, then quickly get behind them (taking care not to make contact with their bodies, as touching them also inflicts heavy damage) and attack them from behind with powerful attacks (like, for example, Venus) while they are busy attacking the other side.

Do note that while the damage potential of Double Hammers is easily their claim to fame, it can also be greatly reduced by equipping a Rubber Suit beforehand. They would still be strong enough to make even most residents of Dracula's Castle look weak in comparison in that case, but taking only 100 per attack is far better than taking 300+.

Enemy DataEdit

106 Double Hammer Double Hammer Shaker 2,000 180
Tolerance Weakness
Flame Strike, Thunder
Location Drop Glyph EXP AP
Large Cavern, Training Hall Gold Ore (8%) - 1,600 15
Description "The only thing more dangerous than a giant hammer is two."

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