Dolores Belmont is the younger sister of Desmond's two sisters, the other being Zoe. She is equally capable of handling the Vampire Killer, though she is not of age yet.


For additional artwork, please visit Dolores Belmont Artwork.


  • Dolores doesn't speak much in Castlevania: Order of Shadows, but she is equally capable of handling the Vampire Killer. She's just not of age yet.
  • Dolores, while not playable, helps Desmond along the way-they also make it easier to avoid having the main character talk to himself constantly.
  • Some fans speculate that Zoe and Dolores's name is inspired by another Konami game Z.O.E. and a character form Z.O.E. Dolores,i, a related animation, respectively, although the these two names are very common.

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