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Soma Dialogue1Soma Cruz

Celia DialogueCelia Fortner Dario DialogueDario Bossi Dmitrii DialogueDmitrii Blinov

The Dark Lord Canditates
(Somewhere in the Wizardry Lab)

Soma Cruz: !! You!
(Celia and two others turns their attention to Soma)
Celia Fortner:'ve come. Just as I predicted.
Soma Cruz: Celia Fortner...
???: You're kiddin', right? You tellin' me this punk's the lord of darkness? Ha!
???: Judging matters merely on appearance? Tsk, tsk. Simpletons are so vexing.
???: What'd ya call me, Dmitrii?!
Dmitrii Blinov: Hmph. I merely stated a fact.
Celia Fortner: Dario, Dmitrii. Both of you, enough.
Dario Bossi: Tch!
Dmitrii Blinov: ...
Celia Fortner: Excuse their behavior. Welcome to our House, home to our Church.
Soma Cruz: You talk as if you were expecting me...
Celia Fortner: You fear that you will imperil innocents for who you are and can become. Am I not correct?
Soma Cruz: ...Yes. I fell for your ruse. Why would you want to resurrect the dark lord?
Celia Fortner: We do not desire the dark lord, per se. For god to be perfectly good, there must be a being of perfect darkness.
Soma Cruz: That has nothing to do with me. If this world does need a perfect dark being, one should emerge. Isn't that how it works?
Celia Fortner: Perhaps that is so. And perhaps it is not. What is true, however, is that the power of darkness steadily grows faint. The lord of darkness must be enthroned without fail. And not a moment too soon.
Soma Cruz: But that doesn't mean...
Dario Bossi: I heard enough already. Let's rip this punk apart right here and now!
Celia Fortner: Have patience. He will try to stop me using whatever means. There is no need for haste.
Dario Bossi: Hunh? What are you saying?
Dmitrii Blinov: He is in our hands now. We can destroy him whenever, however we wish.
Celia Fortner: Correct. This will also serve as a test for the both of you.
Dmitrii Blinov: I see.
Dario Bossi: Wait a second! Test? What test? I didn't hear about that!
Dmitrii Blinov: Are you incapable of thinking even a little? There is but one dark lord, yet there are two candidates--you and I.
Dario Bossi: Duh! I know that!
Dmitrii Blinov: Then get this through your hollow skull. Whoever defeats this boy becomes chosen as the lord of darkness.
Dario Bossi: Oh, I get it now... Yeah, okay! This'll make it fun! Next time I see you, punk, I'll burn you to ashes!
(Dario leaves)
Dmitrii Blinov: I shall depart, also. I see no significance in my presence here at this time.
(Dmitrii leaves)
Soma Cruz: So those two are the dark lord's candidates...
Celia Fortner: Correct.They were born at the same time as Dracula's demise. They are inheritors of Dracula's dark powers.
Soma Cruz: But that's no guarantee that they can become the dark lord.
Celia Fortner: They can. By shattering Dracula's soul. If you wish to stop me, I shall be waiting for you at the top. I may even change my mind if you survive my traps.

(Celia leaves)

Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow Walkthrough (Meeting The Cult & Balore Pt07:47

Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow Walkthrough (Meeting The Cult & Balore Pt. 4)

Game: Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow
Location: Wizardry Lab
Background Music: First Encounter with the Dark Lord Canditates
Soma Dialogue1Soma Cruz

Dmitrii DialogueDmitrii Blinov

Dmitrii Battle
(Dmitrii is in the Dark Chapel)

Soma Cruz: ?!
(Dmitrii absorbs the skill used by a Malachi against him)
Dmitrii Blinov: Oh, excuse me for that rather uncouth scene.
Soma Cruz: You're one of the dark lord candidates...
Dmitrii Blinov: Dmitrii Blinov.
Soma Cruz: You were fighting a demon. Does that mean you've forsaken Celia?
Dmitrii Blinov: You have drawn the wrong conclusion. This is merely a ritual to gain power.
Soma Cruz: A ritual?
Dmitrii Blinov: You witnessed it, yes? Unless you are as dim as Dario, you should have discerned my ability.
Soma Cruz: So, that's what it is. The ability to copy magic attacks...
Dmitrii Blinov: Ah, how observant of you. Now, since there is no one else to disrupt us...
Soma Cruz: Hold it. I don't have any reason to fight you. Do you have any reason for going along with Celia's scheme?
Dmitrii Blinov: None whatsoever.
Soma Cruz: Well, then!
Dmitrii Blinov: However, I have this power. I wish to know the meaning of it, its significance. Is that not a natural desire?
Soma Cruz: And for that, you want to become the dark lord?
Dmitrii Blinov: Is that so wrong? Refining my power will finally provide me with answers. Let us begin.

(The battle begins)
Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow Walkthrough (Dmitrii & Malphas Pt10:15

Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow Walkthrough (Dmitrii & Malphas Pt. 7)

Game: Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow
Location: The Dark Chapel
When: Battle with Dmitrii
Soma Dialogue1Soma Cruz

Dmitrii Dialogue1Dmitrii Blinov

Defeating Dmitrii
(Dmitrii is on his knees after being defeated by Soma)

Soma Cruz: It's over!
Dmitrii Blinov: Tch, I came up short, it seems...
Soma Cruz: I won't take your life. Just give up.
Dmitrii Blinov: You dare pity me? Soon you shall be the one that will be pitied upon. Gwaah!
(Dmitrii passes out)
Soma Cruz: What? Dead? That can't be?!
(Dmitrii's soul gets out of his body and come to Soma)

Soma Cruz: Unh! What was that? Did I gain dominance over a human soul? No, I gained no power... But...what was that light?
Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow Walkthrough (Dmitrii & Malphas Pt10:15

Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow Walkthrough (Dmitrii & Malphas Pt. 7)

Game: Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow
Location: The Dark Chapel
When: After defeating Dmitrii
Soma Dialogue6Soma Cruz

FakeminaMina Hakuba Celia DialogueCelia Fortner Arikado DialogueGenya Arikado Dmitrii Dialogue3Dmitrii Blinov

Dmitrii Revived
(In the middle room of Garden of Madness)

Soma Cruz: Huh?! Mina!!
(Mina is crucified upon a tree just between Celia and Soma)
Mina Hakuba: Soma!
Celia Fortner: Soma Cruz. Behold, the last moments of your loved one's life.
(Celia is conjuring a spell pointing towards Mina)
Soma Cruz: Wait! Stop!!
(Soma tries to stop Celia but he was too late. Celia pierces Mina with a beam of light)
Mina Hakuba: S-Soma...
(Mina dies)
Mina Hakuba: ...
(Soma is starting to lose himself)
Soma Cruz: Mina!! You... You heartless wench...
Celia Fortner: It certainly wasn't easy spiriting her away. Go ahead. Hate me. You hate me enough to wish death upon me, don't you?
Soma Cruz: You... You'll pay for this...
(Dark souls are staring to gather round Soma and absorbing them)
Celia Fortner: The power of chaos is gathering... I was right. Now hate me more. When your hatred peaks, the new dark lord shall emerge.
Soma Cruz: If it means getting Mina's revenge, I'll do it. Make me the dark lord. Mina, forgive me... I can't honor your wish...
Celia Fortner: It's coming... The birth of the new dark lord!
???: Soma! Don't be fooled!
Soma Cruz: !!
(Arikado intervenes Soma's transformation)
Genya Arikado: That Mina is a fake!
Celia Fortner: Arikado! Why must you always get in the way?
Genya Arikado: How clever of you to use a Doppelganger. Ah, but you haven't won just yet...
(The dark souls that dominates Soma suddenly wane)
Soma Cruz: Uuuuugh!
Genya Arikado: What?! What's wrong?
(The dark souls starts to get out of Soma's body and transfers to the body of fake Mina)
Celia Fortner: D-Dmitrii...
Dmitrii Blinov: I should thank my lucky stars for making good my escape. I managed to loosen myself when the boy's emotions shifted momentarily.
Celia Fortner: I thought you'd died...
Dmitrii Blinov: Shedding my former body was a desperate gamble. But it has worked out quite well.
Genya Arikado: You copied the power of dominance from Soma?
Dmitrii Blinov: Ah, so you understand. I touched the boy's soul and copied his ability. And I have been doubly lucky in finding a suitable replacement for my body.
Celia Fortner: Y-You obtained the same power as Soma Cruz?
Dmitrii Blinov: When I fought the boy, I confirmed one thing. Dracula's heir need not be the inheritor of the dark lord's power. I only need to possess the same ability to become the true dark lord's heir. And of course, only I could gain that ability.
Genya Arikado: I won't allow that.
Dmitrii Blinov: Have patience, Arikado. Or perhaps I should address you with your real name? When the boy began his dark transformation, I scanned memories of his past lives. Make one move, and the boy will die. You don't wish that, do you?
Genya Arikado: Hmph.
(Soma gets up)
Soma Cruz: Does becoming the dark lord really mean that much to you?
Dmitrii Blinov: I have told you before. I wish to learn what my power signifies. Celia. I must gain dominance over more powerful demons. I will surpass the boy.
Celia Fortner: So be it. Soma Cruz, I take back what I have said to you. It seems that death is your only destiny.
(Dmitrii and Celia vanish before their eyes)
Soma Cruz: Arikado, where do you think they've gone?
Genya Arikado: I imagine that they've gone to the basement of the tower next to the castle. A foul, unearthly energy emanates from there. There must be a portal to the dark side that fuels the castle's existence.
Soma Cruz: I see...
Genya Arikado: Don't do anything rash. You're not in any shape to fight now. Let us handle this.
Soma Cruz: His power is mine. I must be the one to stop him.
Genya Arikado: ... Fine... But Julius and I will go in first.

(Arikado leaves)

Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow Walkthrough (Mine of Judgment Pt10:44

Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow Walkthrough (Mine of Judgment Pt. 28)

Game: Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow
Location: Garden of Madness
When: If Mina's Talisman was equipped
Soma Dialogue1Soma Cruz

Arikado DialogueGenya Arikado Dmitrii Dialogue3Dmitrii Blinov

Final Battle
(At the heart of the Abyss)

Soma Cruz: !!
Genya Arikado: Soma?
Soma Cruz: What happened?!
Dmitrii Blinov: He arrived too late, quite simply.
Genya Arikado: He gained dominance over a calamitous demon. I tried to prevent the summoning ritual from happening, but...
Dmitrii Blinov: Your dark power failed to overcome the power I gained from the sacrifice.
Soma Cruz: Sacrifice?
(Celia is shown crucified above them)
Soma Cruz: C-Celia!
Dmitrii Blinov: Such an unseemly sight. Be gone.
(Dmitrii destroys the cross with Celia on it)
Soma Cruz: You killed your own ally?
Dmitrii Blinov: She had always dreamed of seeing the dark lord. She served me to the end in my becoming. She should feel honored. Not only that, she even helped me take care of that pesky Arikado.
Soma Cruz: ?!
Genya Arikado: He's right. His sacrifice reversed the flow of my dark power.
Dmitrii Blinov: The stage is now set. We shall see whose power of dominance prevails...
(Dmitrii is losing himself as he was overcome by the power he absorbed earlier from the sacrifice)
Soma Cruz: Wh-What?
Dmitrii Blinov: Th-This cannot be... My dominance should be complete!
Genya Arikado: So that's what's happening...
Soma Cruz: Arikado, what's going on?
Genya Arikado: The power of dominance isn't easily contained. He isn't like you. His soul can't withstand a power that intense.
Dmitrii Blinov: Liar!! I've heard enough from you!
(Dmitrii casts Arikado out of the Abyss with a spell)
Genya Arikado: Gwoh!
Soma Cruz: Arikado!
Dmitrii Blinov: I am the chosen one! I am the dark lord! I shall not succumb to the power! Wroooooooaaaah!
(Dmitrii becomes unstable)
Soma Cruz: It's useless. You can't control it.
Dmitrii Blinov: Gwroaaah!
(Dmitrii falls to the ground and transforms into a huge monster)
(Menace appears)
Soma Cruz: The demons under his dominance... They fused as one? Letting this out would be a disaster... It must end here!

(The battle begins)

Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow Walkthrough (Menance Pt10:05

Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow Walkthrough (Menance Pt. 31)

Game: Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow
Location: The Abyss
When: Final battle with Menace

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