Hector and Isaac Intro

Hector and Isaac, the only two known Devil Forgemasters

Devil Forgemaster (悪魔精錬士 Akuma Sērenshi?) is a human trained in the dark arts and, akin to his namesake, bear the ability to create and forge demonic and wicked creatures.

This particular profession is introduced in Castlevania: Curse of Darkness and was one of the initial forces within the ranks of Dracula during his first reign of terror upon Valachia.

About Devil ForgemastersEdit

"Heed my words, O great powers of darkness! Release to me one of the tortured souls! Let me infuse him with my life-force and awaken him to the world of the living! Immaculate being... Appear before me now."
— Hector, during the ritual of devil forging

Hector cleansing Curse

Hector's "final forge"

While not much is said about them within the series, Devil Forgemasters are not mere sorcerers; not just trained in black magic, but also in the arts of alchemy and spiritual metaphysics, being able to craft massive weapons and arsenals, to even forming living, magical beings, from mere prime and raw material of nearly any sort with the forbidden knowledge they possess.

Their creations bear the namesake of "Innocent Devils", creatures summoned and born of darkness, ranging from original and self made, to even the formerly deceased and revived. All created hold strict and utter loyalty to their respective Forgemaster and grow in power through battle and destruction.

Their ranks having been in the employ of Dracula himself, it is highly possible that they are also responsible for the mass creation of many of the series' enemies and fiends alongside Dracula's and Castlevania's own influence and summoning of evil creatures.

It's also said the strength of Devil Forgemaster's rivals that of Death. Because of this, only few humans are known to be able to use Devil Forgery. Only two are present in the game itself, Hector and Isaac, both of which are identified by a crest or symbol of the Devil Forgemasters (Hector has this on the back of his armor, while Isaac has it as a tattoo).

Known Devil ForgemastersEdit