SOTN Demon Familiar

A Devil Familiar (sometimes called a Demon, Imp, Tiny Devil or Mini Devil) generally follows the protagonist around and attacks every once in a while when it has been summoned.

Game specific informationEdit

Castlevania: Symphony of the NightEdit

Alucard can summon his demon familiar with the Demon Card. The demon is rather mischievous but loyal to him and attacks with a spear. His curiosity will cause him to push otherwise inaccessible switches without a thought of the consequences. By leveling him up, he can become stronger and more aggressive. The Japanese version of Symphony of the Night, and also the Dracula X Chronicles version, contain an alternate version of the Demon Familiar, called an N Demon (鼻悪魔 Hana Akuma, or "Nose Demon"), which is essentially a demon with "funny" nose glasses (a gag which was repeated later on in a Fairy-Type Innocent Devil in Curse of Darkness).

Alucard is shown to have the demon familiar (called "Imp") before and after the events of Symphony of the Night in the radio drama Castlevania: Nocturne of Recollection. It helped him defeat Magnus and also insulted Maria.

The demon's most intriguing ability, however, is that it can find and manipulate the switches in the Abandoned Pit to the Catacomb and the Reverse Castle's Cave. It thus speaks two hints:

  • Hmmm... a switch! Why don't I press it and see?
  • This switch hasn't been pressed yet.

Castlevania: Circle of the MoonEdit

Nathan Graves is able to summon a devil familiar in Circle of the Moon with the Saturn + Black Dog DSS cards. When it has been summoned, whenever Nathan spins the whip and then stops, the imp will send out a number of projectiles which quantity is based on how long the whip was spun.

Castlevania: Aria of SorrowEdit

Soma can summon an imp familiar by gaining control over the Imp guardian soul in Aria of Sorrow. It attacks by sending projectiles.

Castlevania: Dawn of SorrowEdit

Soma can summon a mini devil familiar by gaining control over the Mini Devil guardian soul in Dawn of Sorrow. It can be powered up three times (one power up turns it into a female).

Item DataEdit

Item Data: Devil Familiars
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Card Icon Demon Card (Tiny Devil's Essence) - Symphony of the Night [ edit ]
Summons "Devil" Familiar Relic (Familiar)
Find: Abandoned Pit to the Catacomb
Card Icon N Demon Card (Essence of Nose Demon) - Symphony of the Night (Japanese and DXC-only) [ edit ]
Summons "N Demon" Familiar Relic (Familiar)
Find: Colosseum
Blue Soul Imp - Imp Familiar - Aria of Sorrow [ edit ]
Summons "Imp", the familiar. Guardian Soul
Attrib: Sword, Dark
Consume: 3 MP/sec 
10 AP
Drop: Imp
Guardian-Soul-DoS-Icon Mini Devil - Mini Devil Familiar - Dawn of Sorrow [ edit ]
Summon Mini Devil as a familiar. Guardian Soul
Attrib: Slash, Curse
Consume: 5 MP/sec 
Rarity: **
Drop: Mini Devil



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