The Devil in Castlevania: Circle of the Moon is a floating purple humanoid with a variety of attacks. Several attacks involve purple flames of Darkness-elemental based energy that the Devil seems to be able to control at will. The Devil can also put up a shield that blocks all frontal attacks. He is the most powerful minor enemy in the game and is the final enemy encountered in the Battle Arena.


Arguably the strongest normal enemy in the game, the Devil is a force to be reckoned with. He has a variety of potent attacks:

  • He will often teleport behind Nathan in an attempt to take him by surprise.
  • His most common attack is creating a dark cloud from his hand that has very long range and moves in a wave-like pattern. During this move, it's very difficult to hit him. It is possible for Nathan to slide under the attack before it begins, however, leaving the Devil vulnerable to a couple strikes.
  • He will create a shield made of dark energy from one of his hands, which will deflect any frontal attacks. This shield will dissipate early if Nathan manages to get past it as it is forming, though it should be warned that speed will be of the essence; if he is too slow, he can be damaged by the shield.
  • From time to time, he will create dark pillars of flame that will stretch across the floor. A well-timed double jump may allow Nathan to escape harm. Failing that, he could make use of the Roc Wing.
  • He will rise in the air and engulf himself inside a dark tornado. This temporarily renders most forms of standard attack worthless without risking harm, but long range attacks such as the Mercury + Golem combination, or the Dagger can hit the Devil while this is occurring.
  • Should Nathan find himself in need of protection, he may perhaps find use in the Neptune + Black Dog combination. Though this leaves him with a lower Strength rating due to it taking the place of another, potentially damaging card combination, it effectively renders the Devil as little more than a hardy obstacle, since all of his attacks are of the Dark element, with the additional benefit of also nullifying the threat of a few other monsters in that particular section of the game.


An easy strategy to defeat him is to use the Cockatrice + Uranus DSS combination to dispatch of him quickly. In the Battle Arena (where the use of MP is restricted to the player), throwing Crosses continuously at him while maintaining enough distance is a good option.

Enemy DataEdit

Devil デビル 1,080/1,530 10,000/30,000
ATK DEF Location
800/980 900/1,060 Observation Tower, Battle Arena
Common Drop Rare Drop
Potion High (2%) Mirror Armor (1.5%)
Resistance Darkness
Note: Second stat listed is the stat of the enemy when it is faced in the Battle Arena.

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