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Demon Sword
Japanese name
Game Castlevania: Order of Shadows
Type Sword
User Desmond Belmont
Description Cursed by a dark priest, the Demon Sword was once wielded by a knight.
Stat Modifier Damage = 63
Speed = Slow
Range = Short-Medium
Consumption 12 MP
Found At Candle in Bell Tower

The Demon Sword is a sword that can be found only in the game Castlevania: Order of Shadows. It is found in a candle above a small perch platform between the upper and lower bridges of the Bell Tower. Desmond Belmont cannot land on the platform itself, but he can jump high enough to grab the sword, provided that he is able to hit the candle, which will require the use of a sub-weapon or alchemy item. The Demon Sword is swung in an arcing motion above the head and is good for hitting enemies above Desmond.

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