The Death Mantis is an enemy in Castlevania: Circle of the Moon.


The Death Mantis is a gigantic insect-type enemy that inhabits the Underground Gallery. They slowly pace back and forth and lash out with their powerful forelegs when approached.

They are usually accompanied either by Harpies or other mobile enemies, acting as a sort of shields for them. They are considerably resilient, so ranged attacks that deal multiple hits, like hurling Crucifixes at them, is advised.

The Death Mantis is one of the only two enemies capable of dropping the Cockatrice DSS card, the other being the Stone Armor.

Enemy DataEdit

Death Mantis デスマンティス 200 400
ATK DEF Location
318 240 Underground Gallery
Common Drop Rare Drop
Hard Ring (5%) Cockatrice Card (1.5%)
Resistance Darkness

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