Death Fire and Death Fire King[1] are enemies in Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse. Instead of attacking directly, they enter the bodies of creatures long dead and infuse them with new life, taking control over their actions.

General informationEdit

These spirits seem to be related to common ghosts or ectoplasms, and appear to occupy a higher rank among these creatures' hierarchy, thus one of them gaining the title of "King".

Death Fire appears at the end of the Haunted Ship of Fools, where it awaits floating over an altar until Trevor arrives. It then enters two nearby caskets to take possession of the bodies inside: two Mummies and a Cyclops. Once these monster have been defeated, the entity is expelled from them and shatters into small pieces.

A stronger version, the Death Fire King, appears at the end of either the Morbid Mountains or the Rampart and Lookout Tower, depending on the route the player has taken. It attacks in the same way as its lower rank counterpart, with the addition of being able to possess one last, and much powerful creature: Leviathan.



  • These enemies are not actually mentioned in the Dracula's Curse bestiary. Their names were taken from the Japanese Akumajō Densetsu guide and should be considered non-canonical.


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