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Death Bat
The Adventure - Death Bat
Death Bat's artwork from Adventure
Japanese Name
ゴーバンス Gōbansu (Gobanz)
Flying and hovering
Swoops down to inflict damage
Original Castlevania lore


Death Bat is the boss of Stage 3 in Castlevania: The Adventure and will confront Christopher at the top of the trap tower. Its appearance is that of a skeletal humanoid with the head of a bird or a pterosaur and a pair of bat-like wings affixed to its back. The creature is very similar to Slogra, making one wonder if both creatures share the same origins (Slogra, however, lacks wings).

It attacks by flying high in the chamber, out of the reach of Christopher's attacks, and then making swoops at him, trying to harm him with the claws on its legs. Surprisingly, this boss is very easy to defeat, only taking three strikes from a fully powered whip to bring it down.

Enemy DataEdit

Enemy Data: Death Bat
Image Name - Game
Statistics Items Location
Deathbt 12. Death Bat  (Gobanz)
Learning the attack pattern and safety zones in this chamber is the key. (...)(*) 3. Torture Chamber





  • The original Japanese name for this creature is "Gobanz". However, in the American and European manuals many names were changed:
    • Gobanz was renamed to "Death Bat".
    • Night Stalker was renamed to "Zeldo".
    • Zeldo was renamed to "Gobanz".
  • In the American and European manuals, Gobanz is not referred as a boss.
  • "Death Bat" is a mistranslation of "Death Bird".

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