Dead Pirates are enemies in Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow. They are zombie pirates cursed by their own greed.


While stories of dead buccaneers coming back to life to protect their buried treasures have been told for many generations, perhaps their appearance in the Castlevania series was inspired by various depictions of them in popular culture. Novels like Robinson Crusoe, The Corsair, The Pirate, or Treasure Island, among others, may have been the inspiration for these characters.

It should not come as a surprise these kind of enemies eventually appeared in the series, as sunken and ghost ships are frequent environments present in many games.


True to his name, the Dead Pirate is in fact a zombie pirate wielding a long falchion. He attacks by jumping and then landing while slashing his sword. If the player is not careful, he can corner them and deal massive damage.

His soul is arguably one of the most useful souls in the game. It grants the Backstab ability, which allows Soma to deal double damage to enemies if he attacks them from behind.

Enemy DataEdit

69 Dead Pirate 126 1 42
Tolerance Weakness
Electric Piercing, Slashing, Curse, Stone
Location Common Drop Rare Drop Soul EXP
Subterranean Hell Rusty Food Tin (8%) Falchion (4%) Backstab (10%) 180
Description "A zombie pirate cursed by its own greed."

Soul DataEdit

Item Data: Dead Pirate
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Dead Pirate - Backstab - Dawn of Sorrow
May cause greater damage on enemies attacked from behind. Enchanted Soul
Rarity: **
Drop: Dead Pirate
Effect: Allows the player to inflict double damage to enemies if attacked from behind.


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