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The Dark Pain is a weapon similar to the Combat Cross and used by Alucard. It was created by the Toy Maker. When upgraded to the Improved Dark Pain, it allows the ability to be used on magnetic rails.

Travel Book entryEdit

"The dark version of the combat cross used by the Brotherhood elite, created by the toy maker, brightest pupil of Gandolfi. This parody is the result of decades of research with a metal extracted directly from the Shadow plane. The weapon is extremely hard and perversely sharp and its full power is awakened only when wielded by a creature of the night."

Item DataEdit

Item Data: Dark Pain
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Dark Pain Icon Dark Pain - Mirror of Fate [ edit ]
Alucard's dark and malicious combat chain crafted by the Toy Maker and given to him by the Lost Soul. Primary Weapon
Find: (start with)
Special: This weapon also allows the use of the electromagnetic rails to travel to inaccessible sections of the castle.
Improved Dark Pain Icon Improved Dark Pain - Mirror of Fate [ edit ]
Alucard cannot manifest the same level of power as his father and so relies on a man made weapon created by one of its greatest alchemists, yet it lacks certain abilities still. Now however, with this improved version, Alucard can grip onto magnetic rails that litter the castle and lead to new places. Primary Weapon



  • The name "Dark Pain" is actually a metaphor for several things about Alucard during the events of Mirror of Fate:
  1. Alucard's despair over becoming the very thing he swore to destroy.
  2. The painful memories of his family before Trevor was forced to become a vampire.
  3. Alucard's refusal to reveal his true identity to his son, Simon, as well as the truth about the Belmont lineage.
  • It is unknown why Alucard no longer used the Dark Pain after the events of Mirror of Fate. A potential answer is that the whip reminded him of his past as a human, and his discontinued use of the weapon shows that the vampire wants to distance himself as far as possible from his former identity.
    • Another possibility is that he abandoned it's use in favor of the far more powerful Crissaegrim.

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