Dark Monk Book of Dracul

Dark Monks are cultist Satan worshipers. Followers of the dark arts and willing to do anything to join the ranks of Satan's army and blessed with wraith-like abilities. When a group of Dark Monks join together, they can combine and become a powerful Dark Apostle.


Unlike the Clerics of the Brotherhood, the Dark Monks do not show their faith through prayer and good deeds, rather through the most bloody displays of evil that a human being is capable of carrying out.  Their highest aspirations to earn a place among the ranks of the army that Satan is forming in hell, so they kill, torture, and terrorize without mercy.

The most devout are buried alive, under statues of their likeness, so that their souls can find their way back when invoked.  Without the weight of their material body, their specters receive the favor of their god directly to turn their demonic power into macabre spells.  Projecting mortal energy or calling Satan's troops are some of the weapons they use to proclaim the coming of the new era of evil.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Dark Monks are like Brotherhood Clerics in the sense that they can summon their forces into battle, what separates them is that the Monk can create a sigil on the ground that spawns demons as they also attack the player, whereas the Cleric only summons his allies and remains in position for the summoning. The Dark Monk does not have any powers to boost it's allies powers or create a shield over them like the Cleric does, but make up for it in also joining the fight. they can send out a vertical wave of energy, two horizontal waves (that can be dodged or double-jumped over), can create summon sigils that spawn Possessed Citizens, swipe with their hands coated in magic, rush forward in a corkscrew attack with magic and when other Monks are present they can rise up and merge to form a Dark Apostle.



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