Not to be confused with Lord of the Castle.

The Dark Lord (魔王 Maō), also called the Prince of Darkness or Demon King, is the ruler of forces of chaos on Earth and in the netherworld. He is an evil counterbalance to "good", without which, there could be no good. He may also be the Lord of the Castle to a demon castle, and the ruler of a demon castle is not necessarily a Dark Lord. If a Dark Lord is ever defeated permanently, a new Dark Lord must arise in order to maintain balance in the world.

Traditional timelineEdit



Dracula, the only traditional canon Dark Lord

Possession of a fully powered Crimson Stone may be a catalyst for becoming the Dark Lord in the traditional timeline. Dracula is the only known Dark Lord in the traditional canon, although there are several beings who have the potential to take his place. Soma Cruz possesses Dracula's soul and has the greatest capacity to succeed him if he chooses to, and he does so in the bad endings in both Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow and Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow. There are several other Dark Lord candidates who were born at the moment of Dracula's demise, who have each inherited one of his powers and thus are alternative candidates to become Dark Lords.

Galamoth is a powerful being from another world who seeks to become a Dark Lord. It seems that in order to do so, he must destroy Dracula along with the entire period of time in which he held the title of Dark Lord.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

See also: Dracula/Abilities

All Dark Lord candidates have the potential to become the new Dark Lord, each one carrying some of the former Dark Lord's powers. These include:

It is interesting to note that in the English translations, Dracula was a servant of Satan and a Devil worshiper. This concept was mentioned in the early Japanese manuals but Dracula became the Dark Lord through a pact with an unidentified evil deity, not "Satan". This makes Dracula, for all intents and purposes, the analogous to Satan, as it is said that the Dark Lord is the direct counterpart to God, and Dracula has been referred to as "the root of all evil", "god of evil", and said to "reign at the apex of the dark world".

Lords of Shadow timelineEdit

The Prince of Darkness is the title of a ruler of the forces of evil on Earth and in the netherworld in the Lords of Shadow universe. He is an evil counterbalance and enemy to God, with power surpassing that of the Lords of Shadow, and second only to God's. He may also be the Lord of the Castle to a demon castle, and the ruler of a demon castle is not necessarily a Prince of Darkness (for example, Carmilla). Interestingly, there can be more than one Prince of Darkness, as seen with the rise of Dracula, with Satan being the first.

As the personifications of evil, each Prince of Darkness rules a demonic dominion (Hell for Satan and Castlevania for Dracula). However, motivations can be startlingly different: Satan wishes to rule Earth and Heaven as the new God. Originally, Dracula wanted to avenge himself on the Brotherhood of Light and remake the world in his image; but as time passed, the vampire lord came to view himself as a necessary monster so that worse monsters like Satan and Zobek would be unable to take his place.

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