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The Dark Dracula skin is a DLC skin for Dracula in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2.


The Dark Dracula skin colors Dracula's hair white and dyes his clothing black - save for his gauntlets, which are deep maroon - but retaining the same design, unlike the Armored Dracula.



  • Dark Dracula's color scheme is similar to Dracula's appearance from Symphony of the Night (Black with red accents, white hair). He also more greatly resembles Alucard.
  • This pre-order was only available at, but is now available for download.
  • The Dark Dracula skin is accessed through the Configuration menu, while Armored Dracula is found in Additional Content. Thus, it is possible to play the game with both skins enabled.
    • If this skin is enabled along with Armored Dracula, and the game is exited and returned to, the player will have both skins enabled by activating Armored Dracula.

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