SOTN Dark Blade

The Dark Blade is one of the swords with names referencing Tolkien lore which only appears in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

Appearance in Symphony of the NightEdit

The Dark Blade is the final version of the series of basic one-handed blades that begins with the Short Sword. It is guarded by a large group of Dark Octopuses in the Reverse Caverns, in the room where Scylla was found in the original castle.

While it is visually more impressive than its predecessors and has a reasonably respectable ATK boost and even a small DEF boost thrown in for good measure, it is still an unremarkable sword. Despite its name, it does not have the Dark attribute and deals only Cut damage. While it is the best of the basic swords, there are far better weapons to be found in the Inverted Castle and it is not really worth using.

Item DataEdit

Item Data: Dark Blade
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Dark Blade Icon Dark Blade (Glamdring) - Symphony of the Night [ edit ]
Sword forged by elves Sword
Attrib: Cut
ATT +35, DEF +2
Find: Reverse Caverns


  • The weapon is a reference to Glamdring, a sword forged for the Elf Turgon in the First Age. For several thousand years it went missing, until Gandalf found it (along with Sting and Orcrist) in the trolls' cave in The Hobbit and claimed it for himself. He continued to use Glamdring through the events of The Lord of the Rings.
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