Dark Apostle Book of Dracul

The Dark Apostle is a fiery supernatural entity in Lords of Shadow 2. When a group of Dark Monks merge together, they combine and transform into one of these creatures that burn with the flames of Hell.


When several Dark Monks come together in a hellish communion, they acquire the power necessary to hide the arrival of a Dark Apostle from the eyes of God.  They are one of the twelve supernatural enemies, of infinite evil, selected by Satan to spread cruelty in the world of the living.

Wherever they go, they take with them the extreme heat of the hell from whence they came, burning all hope with their flaming claws and devastating breath. As long as the litany of the monks last, the fiery beast can continue to manifest their enormous power, ripping souls off of men and feeding off their fear.


The Dark Apostle uses large shockwaves of fire to attack Dracula, and they may cause a lot of damage. Using a Void Projections on the Apostle will cause the Monks to reappear. Of course, the best strategy towards dealing with the Apostles is to prevent them from appearing in the first place, by killing the Monks before they merge.


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