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Dagon's form when filled with water
Japanese name
ダゴン Dagon
Water cannon

Dagon is the boss of the Forest of Doom in Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin, and is the only boss fought underwater in that game.


The name Dagon comes from an ancient middle-Eastern god, mostly attributed to the Philistines. He is mentioned prominently in the Old Testament of the Bible as a Philistine god, specifically in Samuel I. Idols of Dagon have been discovered, and the god was depicted as half-fish half-man deity. The word itself is related to the Hebrew term for "fish".

Dagon is often associated with H.P. Lovecraft's lore in pop-culture. Lovecraft's depiction of Dagon in The Shadow over Innsmouth as an horrific, fish-like monstrosity, is likely the inspiration for the Castlevania monster.


The battle against Dagon takes place in a pond filled with water, therefore allowing for a much greater vertical movement. Dagon's only weak spot is the upper frog-like head, and it can be reached by swimming toward it. It uses the following moves to attack:

  • A water cannon attack that consists of two steps:
    1. First, Dagon will suck in all water present. This will cause any lingering tadpoles (mentioned below) to fall down.
    2. After bloating up from all the water, Dagon will start shooting out a jet stream of it. It starts firing at the ground and will then proceed to turn its head upward while still shooting. As the attack continues, water will fill the pool again. To avoid this attack, stay in a corner until some water has filled the pool again, then proceed to jump toward Dagon and keep swimming above its head. In addition to this, the spells Clear Skies and Dark Rift can also fully neutralize the water cannon.
  • Releasing small tadpoles that float up toward the surface. They will come down again when the water has been drained. The best way to handle this attack is to take out the tadpole while the water is still high.
  • A slow arching jump from left to right or vice versa. Simply run or slide to the opposite direction of the jump to avoid this attack.


Enemy DataEdit

No. Name JPN HP
144 Dagon ダゴン Dagon 1,800
Tolerance Weakness
Location Common Drop Rare Drop EXP SP
6,000 50
Description "A creature of the swamp."


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