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Daemon Lord
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Appears in Mirror of Fate
Location Fought through quick-time event that starts in the Abandoned Mine and ends in the Belfry
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"Tell me - do you like being a creature of the night?"
— The Daemon Lord to Alucard
For the similarly-named enemy in the traditional timeline, see Demon Lord.

The Daemon Lord is a boss in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate, appearing in the plots for Gabriel, Alucard, and Trevor.


Before Mirror of FateEdit


The Daemon Lord, confronting Gabriel

The Daemon Lord first appears in the prologue, the events of which take place in 1046, 1 year before Lords of Shadow. The Daemon Lord escaped from the Shadow Plane, alongside many demons, sometime prior to the events of the prologue, after the doors to the plane were opened by mysterious means. Gabriel Belmont was dispatched by the Brotherhood of Light, alongside 3 other Brotherhood warriors, to capture the Daemon Lord. The warriors were killed along the way, and the Daemon Lord confronted Gabriel, injuring him, but not before Gabriel gouged out the Daemon Lord's right eye with his Combat Cross. However, Gabriel used the blood from the wound, and a magical device, to capture the Daemon Lord and lock it away.

Events of Mirror of FateEdit

During Trevor's journey through the castle, a group of witches, seeking a way to defeat Gabriel and claim power for their own, and knowing the Daemon Lord's history with Gabriel, perform a ritual with the device in which the Daemon Lord was trapped, freeing it. The Daemon Lord immediately departs in search of Gabriel, though Trevor stops him, attacking him. The Daemon Lord smells Trevor, and remarks that his blood smells the same as Gabriel. He attacks Trevor, but Trevor manages to defeat it, cutting off its hands and slicing it in half. Trevor walks away, as the Toy Maker watches on, laughing.

Daemon icon

The Daemon Lord's remains were assembled and brought back to life by the Toy Maker, as a half-mechanical creature, sent out to collect materials for the Toy Maker's experiments most notably living humans for the Macabre Puppets. It encounters Alucard, and, recognizing him as the same one who had killed it, attacks him. It defeats Alucard, burning him in the sunlight and tossing him off of the castle, though Alucard manages to survive, as the Daemon Lord expected.

Alucard later makes his way up to the Resurrection Room and is confronted by the Daemon Lord again, who uses the chamber's beams and electricity against Alucard. In a final desperate attempt to kill Alucard after he destroys the energy generators, the Daemon Lord drags him into a bottomless pit, but Alucard is able to save himself by feasting upon the Daemon Lord and acquiring the Demonic Wings in the process.

Enemy DataEdit

The Daemon Lord serves as the 5th boss of the game and is only faced by Alucard, he will attack by swiping his claws at him and then try to bite him, he will also try and do a back flip to crush him, If Alucard is behind him he will try to chomp him with his claw like tail, he can also slam his tail to make a shock wave that can be block or fire a laser beam from his tail in two ways, firing straight in front of him or firing up towards the ceiling and bringing it down counter clock wise (the player can avoid it by moving away from it)

After losing some of his health he will fly up to the chamber and fire beams and electricity at him,in both the left and right of the arena there are generators that when one of them is destroy by Alucard Daemon Lord will come down and make another shock wave and the battle will Continent (Alucard can avoid the beams by using the grind rails), after Alucard destroys both generators Daemon Lord will grab Alucard and attempt to kill him by putting him in a generator to electrify him but fails and the rest will be battle on the chamber until Alucard depletes all of his health.

Enemy Data: Daemon Lord
Image Name - Game
Statistics Items Location
DaemonLordRessurected Daemon Lord Resurrected  [ edit ]
Mirror of Fate
The remains of the daemon were assembled by the Toy Maker and made into a horrific parody of its former self. Despite the rage that still flows through its new mechanical joints, the beast has learned to control its daemonic powers to hunt the souls its master needs in his macabre experiments. Strong: Bat Projectile
Difficulty: 4/5
HP: 1200
Exp: 2000
Drop: 50 Magic (x20)
Towers' Link, Resurrection Room
MoF-Daemon Lord-Bestiary Daemon Lord 
Mirror of Fate
Although defeated and humiliated by Gabriel many years ago, this powerful creature has been released by the witches to once again challenge its nemesis. Harboring a profound hatred, it has sworn to destroy the offspring of its enemy before returning to the Shadow Plane whence it came. Fought through quick-time event that starts in the Abandoned Mine and ends in the Belfry

Related ScrollsEdit

Item Data: Scrolls
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Fallen Knight Scroll - Mirror of Fate [ edit ]
Text: I've seen an enormous beast carrying several human bodies. I hear their cries echoing in the dark. They howl in pain, begging for mercy and some pray for their souls. Then, silence. It must do something supernatural with their bodies... Removing their souls so that the toy maker can use them for his new puppets. Item
+ XP
Find: Resurrection Room (all)






  • When fighting the half-mechanical Daemon Lord as Alucard, the fight can be shortened considerably thanks to a glitch in the game. If you wait until the Daemon Lord fires his laser beam at you, grapple the rail above him to move behind him, and then fire a fully-charged bat projectile at the Daemon Lord just as he's turning around (so the projectile hits his side) he can be stunned early, even with a full health bar. If you grab him at that point you can proceed directly to the QTE where Alucard attempts to rip-off the Daemon Lord's wings while falling down the hole, ending the battle early.[1]
  • The Daemon Lord and Cornell share the same voice actor, Richard Riddings.
  • The Daemon Lord's appearance consisting of a lion head, wings, and a scorpion tail most likely indicates the Daemon Lord is a manticore.
  • The scar over the Daemon Lord's bad eye is absent in his resurrected form.


  1. A YouTube video of the glitch being performed (11/03/2013)

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