Curse Diva
Cursed Diva as she appears in Order of Ecclesia

Generates blue flames with her song
Inflicts Curse on contact
Common folklore


The Curse Diva is an enemy in Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. She is the ghost of a woman (probably an opera singer) cursed to wander eternally, looking for her lost love.


The Curse Diva can only be found in Giant's Dwelling and resembles a woman with red hair and a ragged midnight blue dress. She is pretty much a re-color of the Banshee, but she reacts differently. Besides the voice and color change, the Curse Diva will give a really disturbing chuckle, serving as a warning preceding her attack, which consists on singing a terrifying song. When singing, blue flames will appear around her and rain down on Shanoa. Like her name suggests, making physical contact with her will curse the player, so it's best to keep some distance and avoid sliding toward her.

Upon first encountering her, she will start to talk (instead of laughing, like the Banshee), asking: "Where are you my beloved?". After she dies, she will mumble: "How sad...", and disappear. It takes some time before the Curse Diva begins her attack, so one strategy is to charge at her and kill her before she is able to start attacking.

Enemy DataEdit

51 Curse Diva 44 38
Tolerance Weakness
Strike, Slash, Ice, Darkness Light
Location Drop Glyph EXP AP
Giant's Dwelling Choco Souffle (5%) - 56 1
Description "Curses the living with its deadly song."

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