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Cross, or Battle Cross[1], is one of the traditional Sub-Weapons. It is also known as a Boomerang in early localized games. Most Castlevania games feature a Cross that is thrown forwards and then returns, much like a boomerang. The Cross in Haunted Castle is not thrown as a boomerang, but beams a series of crosses towards a game. Some games feature an actual Boomerang that is not in the shape of a cross.

Item CrashEdit

See also: Grand Cross

The Cross has gained three distinct Item Crashes as the Castlevania series has expanded, all of which share a general motif of the Cross's power emanating from the center of the screen in a rough cross or pillar-shaped pattern and damaging all enemies within range.

Form 1: Rising Cross FormEdit

This form of the Cross Item Crash appears solely in Castlevania: Rondo of Blood (and subsequently, Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles). As in Form 2 below, Richter Belmont leaps into the air and a cross appears suspended behind him, but it does not persist like the later forms of the Crash. Instead, it deals its damage and is followed up by a series of smaller crosses rising from the bottom of the screen from left to right and damaging anything they touch.

Form 2: Pillar of Crosses FormEdit

This form of the Item Crash debuted in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and saw subsequent reuse in other games. The user jumps into the air and a pillar of light envelops them, followed by a series of crosses circling the pillar as they rise upwards and dealing damage to anything they touch.

Users of this version include:

Form 3: Suspended Cross FormEdit

This form of the Cross Item Crash debuted in Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow as the trump card of Julius Belmont. Rather than relying on additional cross projectiles as in the previous two forms, the user simply projects a sustained, cross-shaped damaging field as they remain hanging in midair.

A dark variant of this Crash called the Blood(y) Cross exists in Castlevania: Harmony of Despair as the Dual Crush between any Vampire Killer wielder (other than Simon) and Soma Cruz or Alucard. Rather than projecting on the center of the screen due to that game's nature, it is simply centered above where the two characters performing it are standing.

Users of this version include:

Damage TypeEdit

In Lament of Innocence, the word Cross also represents the type of damage dealt by a Cross sub-weapon.

Used in Bloodlines. Throws a simple boomerang that does some damage but unfortunately does not return.

Also used in Portrait of Ruin by Jonathan. It starts to return after it hits the end of its range, but flies over Jonathan's head instead of going back into his hands.


Appearance in Castlevania (NES)Edit

The original Castlevania featured a Boomerang (called a Boomerang instead of a Cross due to religious censorship) as one of the 5 original sub-weapons that could be used in the game. The player could only equip a single sub-weapon at a time, each which could be obtained from hitting a particular candle or as a drop item from an enemy. By holding up while attacking, a spinning cross is thrown forwards, stops for a short while, then returns the way it came from. Catching it before it reaches the other edge of the screen allows you to throw another one sooner, as normally there can only be one subweapon on the screen at a time. Two or three boomerangs are allowed on the screen at a time if you possess a Double or Triple Shot.

Appearance in Vampire KillerEdit

The Battle Star is a replacement for the whip in this game. It attacks similar to the way it did in the original Castlevania game. It does not consume any hearts, however, if you fail to catch it on its return, you will lose it and have to fight with a weak Leather Whip. The Boomerang is not as powerful as an Axe in this game (which attacks in a matter similar to the Cross in this game instead of an arc), but it has a longer range.

Appearances in Haunted CastleEdit

The Cross is a unique weapon in this game, which fires a series of flashing crosses forward when used.

Appearance in Dracula's CurseEdit

The Banshee Boomerang found in Dracula's Curse is identical in every way to the Boomerang found in the original Castlevania game. It can also be powered up with double and triple shots. Only Trevor Belmont is able to use this weapon.

Candles that would give Trevor a Boomerang instead give Grant an Axe, Sypha a Lightning spell, and Alucard a Small heart.

The Banshee Boomerang is the only subweapon that appears as one of the symbols on the Password screen in this game.

Appearance in Super Castlevania IVEdit

The Boomerang in Super Castlevania IV is similar to that found in the original Castlevania. It can also be powered up with a double or triple shot.

Appearance in Belmont's RevengeEdit

The Cross is available in the Japanese versions of the game and the European Konami GB Collection Vol. 4 Game Boy Color version, while the Axe subweapon replaces it in the American and original European versions. It is similar to the cross boomerang of the original Castlevania game, except that it cannot be caught and cannot be enhanced with double or triple shots. The only other subweapon in this game is the Holy Water, available in all editions.

Appearance in Order of ShadowsEdit

The Cross sub-weapon is obtained from a random candle in the Mansion and is usually the second sub-weapon found after the Axe. The cross works for Desmond in the traditional manner. It is thrown forwards, then returns. Desmond does not catch the cross as it returns however.

Appearance in Harmony of DespairEdit

The Cross is one of Jonathan's sub weapons in Castlevania HD. It is obtained via random chests in chapter 6. It operates similarly to most other Castlevania titles in that its a blue cross that spins out from jonathan for a decent distance and if it does not strike a wall will come back. The cost is 15 hearts and it can be leveled by repeated use. At max level of 9 it becomes larger, covering more area.

A variant of the Cross with the Chapter 10 Origins downloadable stage, is the R. Boomerang. Obtainable on Chapter 10 from the Boss/Gold Chest (Normal or Hard)


Animation GalleryEdit

Item DataEdit

Item Data: Cross
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
WPRang Boomerang (Cross) - Castlevania [ edit ]
Power: Powerfull Attack weapon comes back to your hand Sub-Weapon
Simon Belmont 
Consume: 1 Heart  Evolve: Can be powered up with a Double or Triple Shot
Vkill-cross Battle Star (Battle Cross) - Vampire Killer [ edit ]
' Simon Belmont  Consume: None  Find: Treasure Chests, Old Crone
Cross - Haunted Castle [ edit ]
Radiate Cross Beam. Sub-Weapon
Simon Belmont 
Banshee Boomerang - Dracula's Curse
The Banshee Boomerang flies straight through the air with the greatest of ease. When it reaches the end of its path, it will come flying back. Though it moves slowly, the Banshee Boomerang is very powerful (Banshee Fever. Catch it!) Sub-Weapons
Trevor Belmont 
Consume: 1 Heart  Find: Candles
Drop: Any enemy
Evolve: Can be powered up with a Double or Triple Shot
Boomerang - Super Castlevania IV
Powerful weapon goes across screen and returns to your hand Sub-Weapons
Simon Belmont 
Consume: 1 Heart  Find: Candles
Drop: Any enemy
Evolve: Can be powered up with a Double or Triple Shot
Cross - Belmont's Revenge
' Sub-Weapons
Christopher Belmont 
Consume: 1 Heart  Find: Candles
Sotn-rang-1- Cross [alt] - Symphony of the Night [ edit ]
The ultimate sub-weapon, the cross damages all enemies on the screen.(...) Sub-Weapon
Alucard, Richter, Maria (Saturn only) 
Attrib: Holy / Hit
Consume: #Hearts: 100 (Alucard), 1 Heart (Richter / Maria) 
ATK +100
Effect: Thrown forwards and returns (Richter and Maria); Always crashes (Alucard)
Special: Item Crash (Grand Cross, Richter only, 20 hearts)
SLCD Cross Cross - Symphony of the Night LCD
This is your most powerful weapon against Dracula himself. Pick up the CROSS when it appears and then wait for Dracula. When he appears, use button C to attack him with the CROSS. Special Weapon
Find: 4. Castle Keep
Gb3-rang Cross - Legends
' Collected Item
Find: Hidden Stage
Cv64-rang-1- Cross - Castlevania 64 [ edit ]
Spins around and around in a vortex towards your opponent. Attack Item
Reinhardt, Carrie 
Consume: 5 Jewel Points 
Cv64-rang-1- Cross [Level 1] - Legacy of Darkness
Throw this Holy Cross in a whirlpool orbit to knock down enemies. Attack Item
Cornell, Henry, Reinhardt, Carrie 
Consume: 5 Jewel Points (2 on Easy)  Evolve: + Cross > Level 2
Cv64-rang-1- Cross [Level 2] - Legacy of Darkness
Throw this Holy Cross in a whirlpool orbit to knock down enemies. Attack Item
Cornell, Henry, Reinhardt, Carrie 
Consume: 5 Jewel Points (2 on Easy)  Create: Level 1 + Cross
Evolve: + Cross > Level 3
Cv64-rang-1- Cross [Level 3] - Legacy of Darkness
Throw this Holy Cross in a whirlpool orbit to knock down enemies. Power up to defeat three enemies at once. Attack Item
Cornell, Henry, Reinhardt, Carrie 
Consume: 5 Jewel Points (2 on Easy)  Create: Level 2 + Cross
Crucifix - Circle of the Moon [ edit ]
A Crucifix, when thrown, flies like a boomerang. Normal Item (Sub-Weapon)
Consume: 6 Heart / 3 Heart (Shooter Mode 110% STR/ 173% STR (Shooter Mode)
Cross LoI Cross - Lament of Innocence [ edit ]
A cross imbued with a pious prayer. Sub-Weapon
Leon Belmont 
Consume: 4 Hearts 
Cross - Portrait of Ruin
A holy cross that dispels evil. Weapon Skill
Jonathan Morris 
Attrib: Holy
Consume: 30 MP 
Find: "Pray Before the Cross" Quest
Effect: Can Master weapon for additional power
Evolve: 2000 SP to master
Cross - Portrait of Ruin
' Sub-Weapons
Richter Belmont 
Attrib: Holy
Consume: 24 MP 
Power = 7
Cross - Order of Shadows
A holy cross that returns to Desmond when thrown. Sub-Weapons
Desmond Belmont 
Consume: 5 MP  Damage = 10
Find: Random candle in Mansion
Cross Toss - Encore of the Night
The player instantly does 10 damage to their opponent. Spell
Consume: 8 MP 
Cross - Harmony of Despair
Holy cross that dispels evil. Sub-Weapon
Jonathan, Julius, Richter, Simon 
Consume: 15 MP  ATK +10
Rarity: ***
Find: Purple Chest
(Chapter 5/6)
Drop: Death, Dracula
WPRang R. Boomerang - Harmony of Despair
' Sub-Weapon
Jonathan, Julius, Richter, Simon 
Consume: 12 MP  Find: Purple chests
(Chapter 10 Hard)
Drop: R. The Count


  1. Page 5, Manual of MSX2 game Vampire Killer

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