Critical Hits are a common luck-based mechanic in most RPG games, where hits scored against opponents that deal more damage than a normal strike (usually up to two times as much as a normal strike). They occur randomly and are indicated by a message saying "Critical Hit" that appears over the number, stating how much damage the attack did. The odds of these strikes occurring depend on the attacker's Luck stat; the luckier one is, the more likely they are to land a critical strike.

Not all games feature the ability to land a critical hit. In particular, Symphony of the Night and Harmony of Dissonance are the only games in which the above applies. Some of the later games in the series, however, do have the Critical Art mechanic, which can be compared to a critical hit due to the fact that the strike usually deals more damage. This imposes an MP cost, however.

Game specific informationEdit

Castlevania: Symphony of the NightEdit

  • While the heroes of the game do have the potential to deal Critical Hits, Alucard can increase the power of these hits up to three times as much as a normal strike if he makes use of the Alucart equipment, in addition to the inherent +30 Luck bonus that the set offers.
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