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A Crest is the portion of a heraldic display that is depicted on the top of a helmet.

The Crest in Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness is found in two pieces in the Villa. Crest Half B can be found in a torch at the top of a stone structure in the middle of the Hedge Maze. Crest Half A is found at the top of the fountain and requires the Rose Brooch in order to reach. Inserting both halves near the entrance to a building in the Hedge Maze allows you to enter an underground chamber and fight the end boss of the stage, Gilles de Rais.

In Castlevania: Curse of Darkness, the Crest is an item that can be found in Trevor Mode. It increases all of Trevor Belmont's stats ( +50 HP, +5 Hearts, +5 ATK, +5 DEF). It appears after defeating a boss. The player must make sure that the item should be obtained. If a Crest item is not picked up before exiting the Boss Room, it will vanish forever even if the player re-enters the room. These only appear on the main playthrough and are not available in Boss Rush Mode.


Item DataEdit

Item Data: Crest
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Lod-cresta-1- Crest Half A - Legacy of Darkness [ edit ]
' Item
Find: Villa
Crestb-1- Crest Half B - Legacy of Darkness [ edit ]
' Item
Find: Villa
Crest Crest - Curse of Darkness [ edit ]
All stats increased. Trevor Belmont  ATK +5, DEF +5, HP +50, Hearts +5
Conditions: Item disappears if the player does not pick it up before leaving the Boss Room. 


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