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Creatures Bat
Legends - Creatures Bat - 01
Creatures Bat from Legends
Japanese Name
(Creature Bat)
Hovers in the air and swoops down to inflict damage


The Creatures Bat (クリーチャーバット Kurīchābatto[1]) is an artificial life form created by fusing the abilities of a bat with those of a human. The result is a human-sized monster with bat-like features. He can fly and possesses superhuman strength. The bat wings protrude along the arms of this creature, so he must flap them constantly while flying, leaving only the claws on his feet to attack. He attacks by hovering in the air for a while and then making swooping downward or across attacks.


A man-bat like creature (called a "Gargoyle" by Nintendo Power, but shown to be a bat creature by the All About Akumajō Dracula guide) appeared in Super Castlevania IV. It was extremely easy to kill, but could distract one enough to hit some instant death spikes on the walls or ground.

The Creatures Bat from Castlevania Legends attacked somewhat similar to the Death Bat from Adventure, but didn't have bird or skeletal features. Its arms are also integrated into its wings, unlike the latter, who had its wings affixed to its back. Also, according to Legends' official artwork, the Creatures Bat has a third eye on his forehead.

The first boss in Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth is a blend of the original Death Bat and the Phantom Bat, although it lost most of its non-bat characteristics and turns into a swarm of bats when it's struck. It maintained the original Death Bat's protruding rib cage, though, and is likewise viewed from the side. It attacks with horizontal swoops at different elevations.

Dracula's classic second forms also resemble a creature bat in many games. Many Lady Bats have appeared with bat wings as well, but they retain their beautiful human faces. The versions from Circle of the Moon are the only ones that attack similarly to Creatures Bats.

Enemy DataEdit

Enemy Data: Creatures Bats
Image Name - Game
Statistics Items Location
Batman4 42. Gargoyle  (Ogideran) [ edit ]
Super Castlevania IV
' HP: 10
Exp: 100
Atk: 2
2. Forest/Lake/River, 5. Castle Court
X68-gargoyle-1- Gargoyle  (Ogideran) [ edit ]
' HP: 3
Exp: 200
2. Underground Aqueducts, 3. Courtyard
Creaturebat2 Creatures Bat  [ edit ]
The Creatures Bat is a fiendish artificial life form that was created by fusing the abilities of a bat with those of a human. The Bat can fly and attacks with superhuman strength. Soul: Wind
1. Outside



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