Crazy Armors (also known as Armor Battlers or Mecha Knights) are mechanical knights which often guard the Castle Keep. They first appeared in Castlevania: Bloodlines, where one armed with an axe and a spear appears as the first stage's boss. Unarmed sprinting versions also appear as normal enemies later in the game.

The first boss in Curse of Darkness is a Crazy Armor armed with a jagged edged sword and an axe. When it is first destroyed, it reassembles itself resembling a Gear Steamer, an assortment of gears held together by supernatural forces.


Castlevania: BloodlinesEdit

An Armor Battler is the boss at the end of the Ruins of the Castle Dracula in Bloodlines. It attacks with a spear and an axe, and also charges or leaps around the room. As it takes damage, it will start losing its limbs. This enemy is referred to as "Drolta's Mecha-Knight" in the end credits, hinting that it was Drolta herself the one who gave him life via magical arts.

Name Alt. Name
Armor Battler Drolta's Mecha-Knight
1. Ruins of the Castle Dracula

Several weaker Mecha-Knights appear in the final stage.

Name Alt. Name
Sprinting Mecha Knight -
6. The Castle Proserpina

Castlevania: Curse of DarknessEdit

No. Name JPN HP
20 Crazy Armor Lv.9 1,330
Tolerance Weakness
- Thunder
Location Drop Steal EXP
Abandoned Castle - Galtite 50
Description "Cast-off pieces of armor brought together by an evil intent. Does nothing but attack all it sees."


First formEdit

Try to have some sort of armor and helmet equipped and this battle will be a breeze, even if it hits you a bunch.

With the way this battle starts out you better be ready to move or block. The boss will almost instantly try to hit you with a weapon strike. It will do a mix of overhead and horizontal strikes throughout the battle (sometimes in a row). Thankfully, all of its attacks can be guarded against for the first battle. Strike it after each attack and watch its arms for the next swing. With its vertical strikes it is better to guard rather than dodge them, since they clear an entire section of the room. It also has an attack in which rotating gears shoot out of its mouth, which can be easily blocked as well - it usually does this attack up close and will pause before the attack.

Second formEdit

Now you will have to resort to avoiding its attacks altogether. It will spew flames from each head that is connected with a gear - be sure to get away from it when it starts this attack. As the battle progresses it will start to get more flame-happy and will nearly fill the whole room with flames. It may eventually shoot fireballs, which can be easily avoided by running around or you can block them. Hit it whenever it is not attacking and you can take it down the second time even faster than the first.



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